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  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom

    It is a food supplement which readily comes to mind whenever there is a need for the repair of damaged nerves.

  • Longrich Toothpaste

    Many toothpastes are poisonous. They contain chemical substances which may damage the nerves, the tooth enamel, oral cavity or cause degenerative diseases such as asthma and cancer. Some toothpastes, already banned abroad for these reasons are still selling in Nigeria. Happily, the Nigerian market is becoming richer with safer natural toothpastes, such as the ones above…Splina, Longrich or Forever Aloe Tooth gel. For more information, visit and search for POISONS IN YOUR POPULAR TOOTHPASTES.


    As a contraceptive mango seed powder is mixed with a carrier such as Egg white and douche the vaginal with it before sexual intercourse. The paste kills sperm cells as it kills bacteria, viruses or fungi. A teaspoon of Mango Seed paste applied in the vagina clears such infections as vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) and Leucorrhea (discharge of whites). For women whose vaginal muscles have weakened after multiple births, Mango Seed Extract treatment is reported to relax the wall muscles.

  • Noni Juice

    Nigerian made, and undiluted with water or fruit juice, this is one of the world’s best brands. Supports hair growth when massaged on the scalp. When taken orally, it promotes serotonin and melatonin production in the brain. This recommends it for psychiatric conditions and sleep disorders. It cuts high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, supports digestion, heals ulcers, stops pain because it is anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity. Comes in 500mls and 1000mls. For other health benefits visit and search for Noni juice.

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