Four cherry mangoes for breakfast behind me last Sunday, I was set hours after to write this column, snacking on cold pressed coconut oil, pear and peanuts (groundnuts). I had nothing too serious on my mind. The night before, I had thought about “Pregnant” men and non-pregnant “Pregnant” women whose population is growing in Nigeria every day. These are people, young and old, whose abdomens are growing bigger and distended, who fit the description of sufferers of “SYNDROME X,” a condition in which metabolic disorder and/or disaster explodes.

Syndrome X, snowballing from distended abdomen, may signal the approach of such troubles as diabetes, cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) challenges, liver derangement, kidney failure, hypertension, stroke and many more. The news of the passing of one of my acquaintances jolted me out of that idea, to reflect on some of my experiences in the week that just rolled by. Suddenly, I realized that I was in the bracket of ageing people, who are taking their exit one after another I wonder if Mr. Yemisi John, an oil company safety engineer, and Mr. Charles Akintobi, a business-man, have heard about this passage of our mutual acquaintance whose earthly cloak is to be interned in Lagos today. They introduced him to me in one of the most challenging times of his life. Two of his sons who were in high school developed kidney problems and had to be undergoing dialysis at a Lagos hospital. Their hospital treatment was supported by such simple herbals as Bells Kidney Cleanse and Function Tea, Kidney Rescue and Swanson’s Kidney Essentials among others. And, joyfully, we watched the urea and creatine levels reduce faster than their doctors expected. The boys were soon back in school, took their herbs religiously for about one year and then traveled abroad to further their studies. Their father, too, developed Kidney problems a few months ago, but didn’t survive them.

Kidney diseases and death from them are rampant in Nigeria today. Some doctors blame it on the consumption of herbal medicines. Some herbal medicine practitioners, likewise, blame it on the consumption of all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs, many of which have dangerous side effects. Personally, I do not throw the baby out with the bath water in argument such as this. I do not touch herbs such as Foxglove with terrible side effects, and I do not advice use of herbs that have not enjoyed safety testimonials from their use in folklore medicine over some centuries, which, these days, are being validated by researchers in conventional medicine. From this side of the argument, I have found myself advising against addictive consumption of such pharmaceuticals as Paracetamol for pain relief and sundry other conditions.

How many people know that the residue of paracetamol can accumulate in the liver, for example, and even cause liver damage? Paracetamol is present in panadol, novalgin and other over- the- counter (OTC) medicines.  There are many reports in a scientific journal of how researchers employed kyolic Garlic, aged for about 15 months, to extract Panadol residues accumulated in the liver for elimination through the stool. For many people it is difficult to tell if their kidney’s need help. But we need not wait for some of those familiar signs, such as back pain, anaemia, swollen limbs, tiredness before we know our kidneys need help? The kidneys are blood filters, among their several functions. Just as fuel filters in our motor cars or in our electricity generators are clogged by dirt or impurities in the fuel, and just as we rinse these contaminants out of them, our kidneys, too, need constant cleansing. We cannot remove them and change them at will as we do car fuel filters. But we can at least give them, through the diet, what they need to clean themselves out. When we do not, kidney function may begin to fail. For some people, kidney trouble may accumulate over a long period of time (Chronic) or manifest suddenly and harshly (acute).

A major signal is often confused with the sign of heart trouble or a blockage in the circulation of blood through deep veins in the lower limbs. Any of these conditions may cause accumulations of fluids in the foot which, over time, may affect the lower limb. When a finger is pressed into the swollen parts, a pit may form which may take some time to fill up. If one foot is affected, this may not be kidney travail. But medical tests ordered by the doctors may be needed to rule out this assumptions. If both feet or lower limbs are affected, some doctors would like to ask if the swelling disappears when the limbs are rested on a plane surface or higher than the rest of the body, such as when placed against the wall or on a pillow while one is lying in bed. If the swelling disappears in such conditions, the doctors may order a check on heart function. If the swelling defies this logic, then a kidney problem is likely to be suspected. Of all the kidney herb which are known in Nigeria to help ailing kidneys, the Red Kidney Bean Pod is about the most difficult to find. It is the pod of the bean the yoruba call Ewa Popondo., (d:d:m).  The Tea is brewed from the pod and drunk. It is reported in herbal clinical writings to heal practically all cases of dropsy. The beans takes a long time to cook, making it not attractive for the cooked. You run into Mrs. Clara Oyibo, of Pax Herbal Center at Ikeja, Lagos, or anywhere, she will gladly inform you of how kidney helps revived her cousin over whose case doctors at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, has lost hope.

Male Breast Cancer

A man aged 84 years telephoned me last week to enquire about the diet suitable for his breast cancer condition. Many people will be surprised to learn that a man suffer from breast cancer. Where is the breast, they ask? Men, like women, have breast. But theirs are not developed like women’s because they do not have enough of the female hormones and the genes to make their own breasts grow noticeably.

Otunba Olufemi Deru, President of ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria) will not be one of such men who will be shocked by the news of a male breast cancer. For about 10 years ago or more, he was a member of the funeral committee which planned the internment of the remains of an Oba in Ogun State who died of breast cancer.

The breast cancer so troubled this traditional ruler that made two of his lungs to collapse. The 84-year-old man in reference is a man of courage. He is not taking the condition as insurmountable. He had his first bout with it 10 years ago and came out tops after a surgery to remove the mass. Now, it is either regnant cancer cells have regrown or his lifestyle, predisposing him to the first episode, remain unchanged. And that is why he was in search of nutritional support for his efforts this time which has not ruled out conventional medicine care.

In our first discussion, we revived many suggested causes of breast cancer which number about 20 or more. These included;

(1) free radical damages of fatty tissue and deficiency of antioxidants to protect them

(2) the use of anti-perspirant deodorants in the armpit which contains Aluminum. As the breast is connected to the armpit, it is possible for aluminum, a poisonous soft metal, to migrate to the breast tissue which, undefended, succumbs to poisoning.

(3) Deficiency of essential fatty acids (especially Omega -3 oils) to support the health of fatty tissue

(4) Deoxygenation Overacidity

(5) Tissue injury and infestation of micro-organisms, especially candida, a fungus and member of the yeast family.  Will all know athlete’s foot is cause by fungus it makes the toes to decay and smell why the owner is still alive. The fungus does the same in an injured organ such as the breast.

Dr. Solocine of Italy who treats breast cancer by killing candida migrants in the cells has written a book Titled Cancer is a Fungus

(6) heavy metal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. Last week, this column mentioned how Dr. Karl Folkers and some doctors in Finland under took an experiment in this area, and how Co-Enzymes Q10 (C0Q10) is believed to have energized breast cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis), thereby bring a cure about.

The discussion explained preliminary measures the gentleman may adopt in respect of his diet… That is, foods to abandon and those to adopt. He was to start a greens therapy to clean up the blood and the lymph as a way of minimizing or eliminating a poison load or overload which may have encouraged the breast to become aberrant. Some of the greens, such as Chlorella, have antioxidant and immune stimulating factors.

Following Dr. Linus Paulin, who won two Nobel Price awards for his work on Vitamin C and human health, about 6,000mg of Vitamin C in divided doses is to be taken every day with meals. There will also be an enzymes programme. The body produces enzymes for all sorts of reasons, including digestion and immune function. If the body has to fight off an infection and its enzymes armory 18 small, digestion may suffer, as may immune action.

Thus, digestive enzymes taken with meals are to be encouraged in the diet, while enzymes taken in between meals (i.e. not with meals) should provide ammunition for immune activity. In this respect, he was advised of the three natural antioxidant (immune) chemical complexes of the body which it employs to defense its systems. Each of these three complexes is dependent on a particular mineral… Selenium, Zinc or Manganese. Thus, any-one who has a deficiency of one or all of these minerals is likely to become immune deficient and subject to an over-run by germs.

Thus, we are getting to learn that the Germ Theory may be wrong. By the germ theory, we are sick when germs enter our bodies, and we would need antibiotic drugs which do not kill our cells to eliminate them. The converse theory, which medicine is now adopting, is that germs will always enter our bodies; it is our antioxidant complexes and immune system that Nature designed to overcome and eliminate them. After all, Staphylococcus aureus is a commensal bacterium. Commensal means it is present in all of us, but is inactive for as long as our immune system is active. The same goes for Candida albicans. It is present in the mouth, in the vagina and in the intestine where it is harmless for as long as the immune system can check its population from overgrowing. When it overgrows, crating grayish tongue (oral thrush), virginal infection or intestinal disturbances (gas, bloating, pain e.t.c) and even systemic infections (sluggish heart, foggy brain, bone and muscle pain e.t.c), it is evidence that the immune system is an inadequate match for it and has to be upgraded.

Sometimes, our guest was told, we have to turn our gaze upwards beyond materials therapies. We are talking now of energy medicine in the United States, surgeon Norman Shirlay and Spiritualist Carolynmes are popularizing this eastern world philosophy of medicines. In their book, the creation of Health, they teach that man is not his physical body, but an in-dwelling Spirit which energizes the body in seven points of contact with it.

These points are known as the Chakras.  The correspond with the position of the endocrine glands. The spirit itself may be seen as the Breadth of Life in a clay body. When this Breath of Life cannot pass energy or animate certain points of this clay body, then disease or lifelessness occurs in those regions of the clay body where the Chakra is meant to transform the power it has received. Thus, the Chakra can be seen as an electricity (energy) transformer. When the transformer in a municipal neighborhood breaks down, electricity to the area it supplies it cut off. The same is true of the Chakras and the body.

In respect of breast cancer, the fourth Chakra is said to have a problem. More information about this and other Chakras can be obtained from the (internet) from the book The Creation of Health says that Dr. Sheally and Carolyn Myss found every case of breast Cancer to have been proceeded about 18 months earlier by pathological hatred or a person, often In a love tango. Where they were able to get their patients to forgive whoever they hated and love him the way they once did, the breast cancer disappeared without medication. This is hardly surprising for the breasts are in the heart region, and the heart is the seat of love, the fourth Chakra. The in dwelling Spirit is a creature from out of the love of God. It must, therefore, Love and be loved. Loves is not necessary for a Spouse. It can be for a child, job or a cause. Hatred is alien to love and cannot sustain the organs in the seat of love.

Thus these may explain why, in a case of breast cancer, if one breast affected is removed the cancer soon afflicts the other breast. It may explain, also, why the lungs sometimes suffer with an ailing breasts. Women exhibit love or hatred more than men. In Nigeria, the political terrain is about the best terrain for building fourth Chakra health and for destroying it. Many political followers pathologically loves their leaders and pathologically hate the opponents of their leaders. Nigerian women who are over exposed to politics would appear to easily catch this flu, ending up with breast cancer… Simbiat Abiola, Maryam Babaginda, Dora Akinyuli, the former petroleum minister… Diezani Allison e.t.c.

We should strive to learn more about Chakra or Energy Medicine. Life is all about energy. Isn’t the oils in decayed plants and their leaves which, as petroleum, drives our world today. The spirit, no doubt, is energy. Our experiences with the seven Chakras may enable us, someday, answer the question surgeon sheally and Carolyn Myss ask in their book, the Creation of Health: Does the human Spirit exist? I believe it does and, in that knowledge’s, strive to purge my heart of hate, reorganizing that I came to this earth with no menterol possessions will leave someday as I came, save for my experiences. With another snack, this time a drink of Wheatgrass, it is time for a break till next week and for a walk out door to pressure the lungs and broaden the mind at our own Local Tralfalgar Square where we discuss everything under the sun.