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Ubiquinol is the highest grade of Co-Enzyme-Q10 (CoQ10), the energy, heart, immune etc antioxidant. Ubiquinol help to produce mitochondria in the cell, be it plant, animal or human. The mitochondrion (singular) is the energy factory inside the cell where energy is produce. Life is energy. The more energy we have, the more alive we are, because, with energy, the cell will be able to efficiently carry out it living processes. A car in which there is no petrol will not start. A factory without electricity supply will close down. Food will get rotten in the refrigerator without electricity. Infections and diseases are rampant in a cell with little or no energy. The more Ubiquinol we have in our bodies, the more the number of mitochondria that will be present in every cell, especially in the heart, where the largest concentration of Ubiquinol is found, the heart being a never-resting, hard working and energy requiring organ. For more information, google Dr Karl Folkers and Ubiquinol research for cancer.

Our brand, displayed above is a special brand of UBIQUINOL. It is not plain Ubiquinol. It is Ubiquinol with 150mg of Vitamin C, 55i.u of Vitamin E and 5mg of Black pepper to circulate it effectively throughout nooks and crannies of the body. For more information about CoQ10 and Ubiquinol visit www.olufemikusa.com and search for CoQ10 or Ubiquinol.

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A special brand of UBIQUINOL…


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