We will like to inform you that green pasture herbs has just taken delivery of a new stock of green powder herbs. In the stock are

  1. chlorella
  2. spirulina
  3. goldenseal
  4. small willow herb
  5. pawpaw leaf
  6. mango seeds
  7. beetroot
  8. wheatgrass
  9. kale
  10. lemongrass
  11. stinging nettle
  12. Calamus root

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But, below we offer a summary of their health benefits.

1) Chlorella

one of the world’s best known detoxifiers, energizers, immune boosters and alkalizers. In particular it helps to remove even heavy metals from the body especially the brain, thereby promoting brain and nerve health.It detoxifies sick organs as well.

2) Spirulina

One of the world’s richest green algae plants in terms of chlorophyl, aminoacids and beta carotene which makes it not only nutritive for cell maintainance and damage repair, but also, like chlorella and other herbs, anti inflammatory and antioxidant. If we remember that more than 90percent of today’s degenerative diseases are linked to inflammation and free radical damage,we will appreciate the immeasurable help we can obtain from these herbs for our health.

3) Goldensealroot

This is one of the best antibiotic herbs.It has been found useful wherever germs strike in the body and for female toilet infections.

4) Small flowered willow herb

Traditionally, this is a herb for prostate gland health and the urinary system including the kidneys and the urinary bladder.When used along with stinging nettle root, willow may work wonders in cases of prostate gland enlargement (benign prostate hyperplasia)…BPH and prostatitis inflammation)

5) Pawpaw leaves

It is more well known in Nigeria for use in malaria fever.Beyond this use, pawpaw leaf is a high load of digestive enzymes.Many of the digestive troubles and other ailments experienced today are due to inadequate digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.Protein indigestion in particular can damage the intestines, permit abnormally large molecules into the blood stream (leaky gut syndrome),upset the nervous system, the organs and the brain.Pawpaw leaf has been found also to heal bleeding from blood vessels, the eyes, the nostrils, the ears, the anus, the vagina etc.as in ebola fever and dengue fever.Oncologists (cancer doctors) at the university of Florida and the university of Tokyo have reported studies in which pawpaw leaf extract displayed anti cancer potential.Pawpaw leaf has been shown to heal coughs, bronchitis, asthma and other breathing problems.We have 2 brands of pawpaw leaf powder.One brand is 5 grams raised to power 40.The other is 250 grams of regular extract power.

6) Mango Extract Seed

Good for dissolving belly fat when taken with lime.It can also be used for the same purposes as goldenseal root is employed.It is used as well as a vaginal douche using egg white or propolis cream as carrier base.In India, women use it as a spermicide.

7) Beetroot

It is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria and many farmers are cultivating it to meet growing demand.The raw beetroot is not only expensive, difficult to find and may not keep long because of exposure to unfriendly weather in the market.Accordingly, green pasture herbs stores the organic powder beetroot and, sometimes, the capsules. Beetroot is a blood cleanser and builder which was long reported to find favour in physician’s anti cancer protocols. People who are stressed up everyday expend a lot of blood factors such as haemoglobin and may be short on pack cell volume (PCV), iron, potassium etc. Women with heavy periods like anaemic and stressed people can improve their blood hematocrit by consuming beetroot everyday.

8) Wheat grass

This has been in serious demand long before now.It is one of the world’s best alkalizers, easily rebalancing the acidic blood to slightly alkaline status. In the NEW BIOLOGY OF HEALTH acidic blood is labelled the foundation of all ailments because it poisons the cells. Most of our foods are acid forming..Bread, milk, sugar, cooked foods, fried and processed foods etc. Only organic vegetables and foods are alkaline forming. How much of these do we consume everyday in their HEALTHY state. Thus, we need a food supplement in the diet everyday to help us alkalise. Wheatgrass is one of them. It became popular worldwide when Dr Anne Wigmore reported taking wheat grass juice to cure hee breast cancer. She has watched her father use it to cure the injuries of 2nd world war soldiers.

9) Kale

It is called the meat vegetable because it is the only vegetable known to have more protein than meat, with an abundance of chlorophyll and beta carotene. Where eye antioxidants such as lutein, zeazanthin and astazanthin are needed for good vision, kale is there for us.

10) Lemon Grass

Malaria fever needlessly kills thousands of people in Nigeria every year.It makes many people weak or damaged. Tesearchers at the Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH) and at the federal institute of industrial research, oshodi, (FIIRO) have published findings of studies in which water extracts of lemongrass killed malaria parasites in the blood stream and in the liver which they make their hiding places from the reach of pharmacetical drugs. Only to reemerge and enact relapsing fever when the effects of these drugs wear off. Now, we have lemon grass in powder form. You can take it as tea, sprinkled on meals, fruit juices, yoghurt etc to overcome malaria fever and to boost immunity.

11) Stinging nettle

As stated above, it combines well with small flowered willow herb for prostate gland health.It combines well also with beetroot for blood building and acid/alkaline balance.It is a member of many herbal anticancer protocols.

12) Calamus root

It goes well for all gastro intestinal problems which include ulcers, colitis (inflammation of the colon), ulcerative colitis (bleeding inflamed colon, mucoid colon, mucus in the stool or mucus stool, diverticulosis, internal and external piles, bleeding or non bleeding. It has been reported to help other conditions elsewhere in the body associated with gastro intestinal diseases.You can obtain more information about these supplements from by contacting us.