Many people hate to think about death or talk about it, not to mention visualising their funerals. I am in perfect agreement with the need not to live in the past or in the future but in the present. For only people who live in the present, not necessarily loosening and loosing themselves in pleasure, that is letting themselves go, who are  really enjoying life. Life is all about gaining deep recognitions of present events and employing the lessons they bring to build bridges to the future.

In this scenario, I have to constantly bestir myself to know who I am, where I came from, why I am here, how event I am priviledged to experience, bitter or sweet, are contributing to the fulfillment of that purpose, how well I am allowing my experiences and experiencing to enable me achieve this as purpose, and wither, someday, after earthly demise or death is an inevitable end-pole of this scenario. I was priviledged to be so emboldened early in life, after about three. Out of Body experiences OBEs  that, at 27, I signed my funeral will and at 33 reconfirmed it to my wife. It permits of no live band(s), no singing, no grieving, sobbing or crying, no dining and no feasting, no revelry simply because I am gone. In accordance with my faith, my friends will, no doubt, be around to say “good-bye”. If am lucky to have severed from the corpse, after dethatching the silver cord from my soul, they’d be left with an empty carcass. I would love to have gone away even before my friends come around to encourage me to do so, in line with the teaching of my faith. For souls which are disturbed by many, if not all of today’s funeral event, such as tossing the coffin up and down like football, may become trapped in the corpses for month or even years, lonely or alone in the cemetery, while their families and friends imaging they have giving them a most befitting funeral.

Sleep apnea

The nearest many people come to thinking about death is sleep apnea, which in the Nigerian corner of the earth they think is caused by witches who try to kill them in their sleep. Do not get me wrong. I do not imply from this that witches or witchcraft does not exist. They are people who have understood certain possibilities in creation and manipulate them ethereally for negative and, rarely, positive ends. In the ethereal realm, they manipulate the ethereal bodies of their victims and, soon, the manipulations affect the physical body. This is what many people suspect and for which they seek “deliverance” in their churches or from the age-old native doctor who may order sacrifices to appease the witches or the gods. But what happens if the condition is physiological or biological? In the United States, where we do not hear so much about witches, a whooping 18 million suffer from sleep apnea and between two and four percent of the population suffer from it but do not know they do until their doctors orders sleep tests for other complains.


In the days I suffered from sleep apnea, I would suddenly feel from deep sleep that I was about to die. I would be unable to breathe, and it would appear something or someone was pressing me down, stopping me from breathing, with the intent of killing me. I was always lucky to wake up with a start otherwise I would not be alive today to tell the story. I would wake up if I could move an arm or a leg, or if there was such noise, such as the banging of a door, that would ordinarily and naturally rouse one from sleep.