I ATE chicken on CHRISTMAS DAY 2019, the first time in about 20 years. For people who know my aversion for poultry chicken and turkey, I would like to quickly say that no witch doctor has anything to do with it. Simply, it was the handiwork of two women…Mrs Sola Sowemimo and Mrs Sade Kusa. Mrs Sowemimo is a lawyer who became an organic farmer soon after her retirement from the Nigerian Natural Liquified Gas Company. Mrs Kusa is a wildlife graduate who has trained in practically everything a talented and restless woman can train in under Nigeria’s economy today, including shoe making and, of course, organic farming under Mrs Sowemimo, who operates OPE FARMS.

Frankly, I had a different idea for the headline of this column when I began to write it last Sunday as 2019 overlooked 2020. I wanted to title it REVOLUTION NOW# Sola Sowemimo. But I changed my mind for two reasons. One, like me and many other people,Mrs Sowemimo goes into spiritual retreat every 29 December, to inwardly experience the birth on Earth of the Lord Jesus, in a festival of the RADIANT STAR, a rememberance of that radiant star which shone over that stable in Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born, a greeting to him from his father and a guide to those FOUR WISE MEN who were annointed to soothe his paths on Earth with their wisdom and influence . Four wise men? Oh yes. That was no typographical error or the printer’s devil. One missed the call, perhaps pressured by earthly considerations, a serious lesson for us all. I may return to this. So, you see, we cannot scream REVOLUTION NOW on such a day as this. But that exactly is what Mrs Sowemimo has called many women out for with her quiet work in the farming sector, and Mrs Sade Kusa is not left out.

Secondly, Mrs Sowemimo is a quiet woman who makes no fiery speeches about her revolutionary work in public places. Even on my KUSA GREEN PASTURE HERBS chat group where her membership is an honour to me, her activities are largely confined to KUSA URBAN GROWERS, a name she fashioned for her URBAN GROWERS training project. The URBAN GROWERS is all about training and retraining women to be useful to themselves and their families as women, and to their country. It was on this platform that she and Mrs Sade Kusa met.

Sade Kusa is the wife of one of my younger brothers, Yinka. She learned organic farming from Mrs Sowemimo and other women who have learned not to tamper with the Creation-defined gender polarity and, instead, busy themselves with TENDING AND CARING which is the role creation alloted to their gender. Sade Kusa has literally turned her house into a mini farm where you can find such spices as oregano, Dill, Lavender and many more. Just before Christmas, she added a poultry. Yinka, a thorough gentleman, does not disturb her, but complains once in a while that the house is gradually losing more leg room.

Before Christmas, he brought home a bricklayer to close up some earth space with cement mortar. Naturally, Sade appealed that the space be saved for some crops. I asked her not to bother if her husband stands his ground. That’s the way of most of us men. She may get round that by using plastic troughs, as I intend to do in yielding ground to Udeme James, my housekeeper, who has given practically all available space to crops. Visitors to my house who were used to seeing two pots tiled on the outside on either side of the entrance door to the porsh will now notice that tomatoes are now growing in them, not the golden Palm, or the King of the Day or Queen of the Night, originally wanted them to spot.

I told Yinka that Sade reminded me of the lifestyles and health of two back to back American presidents, Bill Clinton and Mubarak Obama. When Clinton was president, the lawns of the white house were well cured and the flower beds spotted exquisite plants. Former President Clinton said one of his regrets while he was president was that he ate many white flour foods and drank sodas (soft drinks). The arteries of his heart became about 95percent blocked, he was close to having deadly heart attacks, had to have by pass coronary surgery and, today, one of the most eloquent presidents on the face of this earth, a shadow of his old self, looks 20 or more years older than his calendar age.

President Mubarak Obama who succeeded him is a different story book. He had organic breakfast at home, his wife brought organic lunch to the oval office and he had organic dinner back home. His wife converted the lawns of white house into organic farms and brought in children from nearby schools to do organic farm work with her. Her plan was that if organic farming rubbed off on these children, they would take the white house message back home, convert their parents from foodless foods to organic foods. Former president Obama’s health is still waxing strong!

Sade brought seedlings of Dill and oregano for Udeme to plant. Besides, she taught her how to grow yam in sacks. Soon, she would bring the seedlings of dwarf orange which may be planted in flower pots if all the earth space is gone. Like Yinka, I have my reservations. Udeme would like to try her hands at organic poultry. That was an aftermath of two giant organic chickens Sade Kusa brought to us as christmas presents, and The first time, as I said earlier , I would eat poultry chicken in about 20 years.

These chickens were executive chickens, going by the descriptions of how Sade reared them. Their drinking water was not plain water or water medicated with cheap pharmaceuticals. It either had aloe vera juice, lime juice, lemon juice or it was garlic infused water. They ate vegetables and spices such as oregano leaf and onion. I wondered how her budget would have fitted the market price if she did not grow some components of the feet. The chickens were allowed to range free , although within a confined area. She took care of the odour and possible complaints by her neighbours by covering the waste with saw dust and shovelling the mix into her flower bed as natural soil manure.

Mrs Sowemimo produces a product from plants which deodorizes the pens. Sade availed herself of it. I suggested, as I intend to do if Udeme wins her own case for four or five chickens to start with, that Sade try charcoal. Activated charcoal may be too expensive and wood Ash which may be equally useful may be difficult to obtain in large quantity. But charcoal should not. It may be ground to fine powder and spread over the excreta. We should not forget the kitchen sense of our women. When they grind pepper in the market and realize it may turn sour before they arrive home to cook, our women drop a piece of charcoal in the pepper puree. And unbelievably, it keeps the pepper fresh for a long time. Didn’t we as children in the villages of old clean our teeth with wood Ash or charcoal powder? Who in the kitchens wasn’t familiar with charcoal or dry long pepper in the beans sack to keep weavils away? If these will not suffice, Udeme James has a suggestion.

It is the QUANTUM BEAUTY SPRAY from sairui mall. It is made for humans, but it would appear its applications are borderless. When the face is weather-beaten, stress-tormented and rough, the seemingly empty bottle is filled with water, shaken and the charged water is sprayed on the face or body. Collapsing blood vessels are seen to immediately come alive and visible on the skin. It is said, too, by the producers that water charged by the bottle may be sprayed on food with off-taste or even ” spoiled” food. Energy from the water is said to re energise the food and take the spoilage and off taste away. Udeme reasons that if poultry waste is sprayed with this water, the odour will disappear. With the promise that the bottle has a shelf life of 200 years, I wondered if it would not be a good idea for smelly toilets and bathrooms, if it works as its literature promises. I will go further to suggest itfor smelly feet and armpits and as rinse water also fora woman’s secret place. Even then, there are two potential drawbacks to the acquisition. One is that it is not readily available in the open market but obtainable through e commerce. The other is that the e commerce category it belongs to cost about N56,000 to sign up for.

All over the country, women are shoving men aside in an organic farming revolution. Mrs Sowemimo began with organic chicken farming and has ballooned into organic vegetables, spices, farm feeds, pests repellants and much more. Sade Kusa, a 1996 fisheries and wildlife graduate of the University of Agriculture (UNAB), speaks of another woman in the revolution whose activities are branded NIGROWS (for Nigeria grows) She is a lawyer based in Kaduna and has no fewer than 500 chickens in her backyard at anytime. There are also Mrs Oluyinka Adekoya, Lady organics, Mrs Nkiruka Etuk(tane farms) of Akute and Dr Olabo Osude (Kalos farms) of Iperu.

Sade Kusa’s house appears unable to contain her. So, she extended her activities to her father’s. And with Udeme catching the bug, it seems clear the chicken will soon be back on my dining table. But it will not be “any how” chicken drenched with drugs which I would have to eat with the chicken. It would not be chicken packed five in a cage and not allowed to exercise, chicken which has thereby backed up lots of toxins it cannot expel through exercise. It will not be chicken fed hormones to make them grow rapidly for commercial gains, hormones which may disrupt my body’s hormonal balance equations.

It will not be that chicken whose feathers were not hand picked but removed with powerful chemicals which I would be compelled to eat. It would not be the chicken which died with a host of others and was rapidly pushed out of the pen to a chicken abattoir where the supermarkets pick their stocks from. This type of chicken has a “death certificate” which its consumers cannot easily read. Because the blood did not drain off, the skin is not pinkish but reddish! Then there is this chicken which takes plenty of drugs to keep alive from diseases such as New Castle and gomboro which regularly attack them. These drugs are to be stopped, in some cases about 14days before slaughter. This is to allow the last molecules of these drugs to leave the body of the chicken after doing its job. But who cares about it if it stays on even in the soup pot? When an order for hundreds of chicken come from a five star hotel, for example, which farm manager obeys the rules?

Thank you Mrs Sowemimo, Sade Kusa, N.I GROWS and all of you out there in organic chicken farming who will make it possible for me once again to enjoy healthy chicken in my food plate. Guess what, Sade, I didn’t need any oil to cook my Christmas rice. With tomatoes from the house garden, plenty of onion and cuts of chicken cooked together, the oil from the chicken made from fine “concoction rice”. And trust me…oregano leaf was a good accompaniment.

For people who ate the regular chicken over christmas, I propose that they detoxify themselves immediately. I suggest three ideas…organic coffee enema, Maria Treben’s bitters therapy and regular intake of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar.


The rain is gone for now. The harmattan is in town. And, soon, it would be so hot everyone would be asking the rain to return, although 2019 brought one of the biggest rain floods to Nigeria. Last year, this column had its cycles of sorrow and joy. A 30 year old woman, Ngozi Iwegbue, left us after a bout with chemotherapy. It was a harrowing experience for her parents and those of us who were privileged to relate with her in whichever way. How I wish she pulled through. Our hearts are lit with joy, nevertheless, whenever we learn that her mother is pulling through. We will always remember her.

Somewhere in Lagos, a grandfather’s love is keeping a nine year old girl up on her feet. She is epileptic and may have been so effectively kept out of school by this challenge were her grandfather not totally committed to helping her out of the woods, whatever the pains. She began her battle against seizures with the Chinese CORDYCEPS to which were later added GOTU KOLA and THC free CBD oil. Incidentally, 2019 could be described as CBD year in Nigeria or, better still, CBD oil may be described as Nigeria’s plant medicine of 2019. CORDYCEPS strengthens the major organs and tones the nerves.

Everyday, GOTU KOLA proves anew that it is a Wonder food supplement for the brain. Its Asian purveyors said long ago that it was chiefly responsible for 200 plus calendar years of a man who took it as tea everyday of his adult life. If we think there is a bit of exaggeration about this claim, scientific evidence suggests the probability that the herb is a life extender. For it is both a powerful antioxidant as it’s a great blood circulation herb. In the brain, it improves memory, supports restful sleep, balances the two hemispheres and the mind ,improves cognition, calms the nerves, extends attention span, has been shown to help autistic children and adults and is showing promising values in psychiatric medicine.

As for CBD oil, which is being shown to bring life in almost all health questions, its approval by the FDA in the United States for epilepsy in patients as young as two and a half years of age and a similar consideration in the United Kingdom has spurred interest in adding it to epilepsy medicines. The young girl in inference is enjoying her life at full stream, sleeps abundantly and has not missed school. Only once has she had to pay a hospital visit. Even then, it was on account of the suspicion of her parents that a crisis was in the offing. But there was none as such and she visited hospital only as an out patient.

Through their interactions with this column, no fewer than four persons challenged with colorectal cancer engaged in conversations which were multilaterally enriching. Prior to the conversations, one of them had consented to surgery to have a “hole” punctured on his left lower abdomen through which his intestinal wastes would be evacuated into a bag attached to his body. That could have brought about an awful experience. He gained strength to fight for a better deal. And not only did the severe bleeding he had been experiencing abate, evidence, perhaps, that some good was replacing the death process going on in there, the stooling became freer and better.

Although it would not be correct to say resurrection morn had come, our friend is filled with more energy and lives a more fruitful life by the day. He has been exposed to a wide range of anti tumour and cleansing herbs, he has had to constantly detoxify his system and change his dietary lifestyle. I know the question about which herbs he uses would pop up. They are too many to state here and to discuss in terms of the benefits they have individually or collectively conferred on this scenario.

Some of them are organic coffee for regular enemas, Maria Treben bitters for follow up cleansing or detoxification, marigold flower powder tea to dissolve tumorous grow this, thaumatococus danieli to revive ailing and subnormal liver, a pathway to any cancer, calamus root, a warrior against intestinal problems and cancers generally, NIMOSA PUDICA, antioxidant, anti parasite, anti itch, anti bleeding, anti-cancer, anti almost anything inimical to health and a nervous system builder. There are many more. There is an important stand for CBD oil, which reverberates in every therapy nowadays as should be seen in CBD oil posts in www.olufemikusa.com. Last year, to easily make it PLANT MEDICINE OF THE YEAR.

We have more food memories of 2019 than space would permit mention. One of them is the QUANTUM energy boxer. It brought hope to men with pelvic flaw troubles such as prostrate gland questions, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, absence of sperm(azospermia), premature ejaculation, kidney and urinary bladder challenges, constipation and colorectal diseases. I remembered the case of a seventy plus retired who had had three mild strokes but whose wife, 70, was still pushing into the “other room”. He wondered if she was not a witch. She may not, be, I told him. He had to straighten himself up to perform an undertaking up for. And just that he is learning to do, first by reviving his adrenal glands, so that his sex hormones would not keep getting converted to stress hormones, which leads to the dulling of his nerves and causes irresponsiveness even under body contact in bed with a flaming woman.

Women had their own peculiar challenges un-beating last year. There was the big V.D (not veneral disease, which is still real, but vaginal dryness). The secret place could do with better canitations in many cases. Many women could not sort this out simply because their mode of dressing (the pair of trousers or knickers worn under a gown) does not allow them “suck-in” cleansing radiations of the earth. The author of WOMEN’S BODY, WOMEN’S WISDOM Dr Catherine Northrup proposed this idea after 35 years in gynaecology practice. She said as they suck in the men, they are meant to suck in the ethers as well. To worsen matters, many women do not sleep at night like EVE…all free!

To worsen matters still, the woman of today would appear to be too sex prone, either for money or for emotional balance. Even mating with a single partner many times then normal hardly helps. Semen is alkaline. The vault is acidic for it’s own defence. Too much alkaline deposits neutralises the acidity and encourages germs to breed and disease to flourish. Female animals agree to mate only when they are “on heat” at a specific point in their menstrual cycle. The female human body, derived from an animal, no longer adjusts to this natural demand, with dire gynaecological consequences. Irrespective of these challenges, 2020 looks a more promising year for people who wish to live naturally, as decreed by the Laws of Nature which bear the Will of the Almighty Creator in His Work, CREATION. Not only will they as ever be required to eat the right kinds of food and drinks, the right kinds of water and fluids, they would be required to appreciate that they must take care of their healthy bodies and not want for them to break down before they begin to run Helter skelter for help.

The human body is the greatest gift which God gave to man on Earth for his wanderings there. He has to understand what it is, and how it works. This education is unavailable in primary and secondary education and missing informal adult education.

Luckily, man is not abàndoned to his fate. On the so called “other side” of human experience are dutiful health workers who are finding solutions to health problems on Earth and passing them to earth men who can “receive” them and pass them on. Often, these earth men, who are only last spoke in a chain work, think they are “magicians” or discoverers. Anyway, we must thank them for being useful receptacles. It is in this regard that I believe we are set in 2020 to witness the ascendancy in Alternative medicine of CBD oil and QUANTUM ENERGY gadgets such as eye glasses, caps, necklaces, Bangles, boxers, women’s briefs, menstrual pads, belts and even shoes.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2020.