Last week-end was another Easter week-end, a speed breaker of sorts from bread and butter life and another of those few golden opportunities to think and talk of something more sublime. That something more sublime in this case is the Divine Mission of the Lord Jesus, Son of God, to this part of Creation called the earth. Last Friday, it reminded Christians of a black sport in that Mission which man now calls Good Friday to hide his guilt. The guilt is what we now know as the Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross but which, actually, is a dastardly murder. The sun protested the killing by hiding its face behind the clouds. Suddenly, we are told, a sunny afternoon turned dark, like night. The earth, too, angrily quaked. And wind rushed, perhaps with the ferocity of a hurricane. To cap the anger, Mother Nature abrogated the covenant which the Jews, as the “Chosen” or master race, said they had with the Almighty Creator. If the crucifixion was a part of the Divine Mission of Jesus, why would this covenant be abrogated? It is reported that unseen hands tore to shreds the curtain which shielded the Ark of the Covenant, kept in the Holy of Holies, the most sacred area of the Temple. The fact that the Ark of Covenant was now visible to every Dick and Harry was enough proof that the covenant no longer existed. There is no big deal about a “chosen” race or people. To be chosen means to be the most spiritually mature to receive and anchor the highest message being borne down from the Heights. At the time of the Lord Jesus, the Jews were, unarguably, the “chosen” race. The failed in the Mission to which they were a “called” race. The Germans replaced them. Before the Germans, there were the people of Isra, and the people of Ismanem.  Who, today, are the chosen people?

Sunday reminds us of the Resurrection of Jesus. This event is still shrouded in mystery like many other aspect of His Life and Work on earth. His Disciples said His physical body rose from the dead. But the apostle Paul would have us belief the body of Jesus he encountered was not the mortal, physical body. Even the two Disciples Jesus appeared onto on the way to Emaus did not recognize the Master they knew two or three days earlier. If we believe the Christian Catechism that the risen Jesus “descended into Hell”, for whatever reason, with what body would He have done so? Physical or spiritual body?  And what business Had He in Hell, anyway. From the observation of Nature, we know that substances of the same consistency cannot penetrate one another. Thus, my physical body cannot penetrate yours. If I try to hit you and my hand passes through you as though you were empty space, it means either of us is of a different consistency or make- up from the other, one finer, the other coarser or more physical. Radio waves or electromagnetic waves which bring telephone dater and voice messages to our homes can penetrate the Walls to do so only because they are of a finer material consistency than the walls they penetrate. In like manner, if the Lord Jesus penetrated the walls of the Upper Chamber to re-unite with His Disciples after His Resurrection, was it the slain physical body which performed this feat or the soul (finer) body?

There are indications that the Disciples did not understand their Master on many counts, especially in respect of His to promise to “destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days” Thus, there are accounts that they feared He may not physically resurrect and, to hide their shame, they took the body into hiding. I often wonder about how much more interesting and illuminating these matters would have been if only we pay more than a passing interest to many teachings of Jesus, in particular for this instance, the teaching that He had not come to obstruct the law but to fulfill it. The law is not the earthly law which He thought was wrong in so far as it did not accord with the will of His father, which is the law. That law is the order in which the Almighty creator wants Creation to run or to operate. Like the Laws, God was perfect from the beginning of Time and like Him, the Law which issued from Him will remain so from eternity to eternity. A part of this law is that “dust will return to dust” and the soul which inhabited the earthly dust while on earth would return to it maker. The earth is the home of the dust. The core of man, that is Spirit, belongs to the Spiritual world, which is paradise. Jesus is not man. His Divine core return to his source, the Father. That was why he would say, “Where I go, ye cannot come. But I will prepare a place for you….”

Monday, 40 days after the Resurrection, reminds us of Pentecost which is riddled with confusion in the mind of man, for many people believe it was a one-off event. Yet, from knowledge on the face of the earth today, it is known among a small circle of believers in it that Pentecost occurs once a year in the early Calendar. The peak is May 29. Thus the closet semblance to this event is the human heart beat. The human heart beats about 72 times in one minute to pump blood round the body, the blood takes nutrients, exceeding oxygen, to all the 100 trillion or so cells in the adult human body and takes away for excretion all their waste products and poisons. We have learned from Nature that what happens below is a microscopic image of an archetype or prototype “Above” thus, what we may liken to the archetype of the heart beats is what actually happens during Pentecost. Pentecost is when the Creator renews His power in creation for the maintenance of this gigantic work in which the human spirit is permitted the opportunity to grow, mature and exist consciously.

Many Christians are familiar with the revelation of a Temple in the Divine World, that is the world of archangels and Angles, which lies far, far above the world of human Spirits, Paradise. This is the Temple in which 24 Elders sing Holy, Holy, Holy, God Almighty from eternity into eternity.

Below this Temple, in the uppermost section of Paradise, is the Spiritual Semblance. In this temple, a Dove appears regularly in the equivalent of one earth year. It is the spiritually visible form of the Holy Spirit. Its presence in this Temple in Paradise informs these knights and guardians of the Temple of the renewal of this Power for Creation.

Through tidings of these events borne down the Heights to humans who were spiritually mature enough to receive and hold them, some artist and even religious organizations may have come to recognition’s of the Holy Dove. It took the loosening of his body from his soul on his dead bed for Joseph, earthly father of Jesus, to recognize Him as the coming One. Suddenly, according to the reports, the inner or ethereal eyes of Joseph opened and he beheld the Dove above Jesus and the equal-armed Cross before Him. These are Divine signs that He is the Son of God. Beside Him, only the Son of Man would bear these insignia. Among those Christians who are alive, who meticulously examine, (not just read through) Revelation 1:4-6, may those who are privileged to make the distinction between them. Irrespective of the confusion in some Biblical transmissions of the Son of Man and His Mission, Jesus gave His Disciples some hints when He said sins against Him as the Son of God and sins against His Father would be forgiven, but not those committed against the Holy Spirit. Jesus would later advise us of the coming of the comforter, the Spirit of Truth who would reprieve the world of sin and proclaim the judgment. After the departure of Jesus, the Revelation spoke of He “who was, who is and who is to come” as Jesus had proclaimed. The comforter, as I take it from these verses, is not this power which came upon the Disciples on the Day of Pentecost. That power, as already discussed, came from the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth or the Holy Spirit, for the renewal of Creation. Without this Power, Creation would be like the physical human body without the heart beat or without blood circulation. It would become devitalized, diseased, shrived or wither and pass away!

We should now see that, just as the human heart beats is not a one-off affair or occurrence, Pentecost, too, cannot be. A small circle of human beings on earth today recognize this and still observe Pentecost every year. As stated earlier, the peak is recognized to be May 29. The power of Pentecost support regeneration on earth. For example, Nigerian, the rains come, and the greens come alive. All sort of food crops emerge again for the nurture of human body. The orange is becoming more juicy right now. Avocados pear has made its yearly appearance. Corn or maize is back in season.

In the law of the cycle by which everything in motion in exorably returns to its starting point to conclude its cycle, the power sent forth for the renewal of Creation must return to its starting points. It is this return of the currents of power to their starting points which give accounts of the spiritual well-being of earth-man. As reported in the Bible, so darkly had the earth become that, for the sake of a few souls beseeching God for help, the words rang out: “who will go for us, who shall we send”. And, as also reported, a voice answered “here am I. send me”  because Pentecost predated the coming of Jesus to the earth, having been taking place since the beginning of Creation, He knew of the time of its occurrence and advised His Disciples to gather in the Upper Chamber. He would later ascend Homewards on the crest of the waves of this power about 40 days after His Resurrection. It is amazing how some Nigeria leaders were guided to choose May 29 as the date for the transfer of power from one government to another. The power of Pentecost can still be observed it was as in the days of Disciples, consciously or otherwise. It drives to a head the nature of every-one, good or evil, so that, in that heating up, everyone comes to judgment through his or her nature.

Thus, the worst riots in Nigeria have happened around this time. So have the most nobble deeds. As the knowledge on the face of the earth today explains it, everything that slumbers in every-one, be it love or hate, is awakened to grow from strength to strength. Watch the world this season. The findings cannot be otherwise.


During the observation of Pentecost with my small group of acquaintances this year, one Person I will miss is Mr. Jab Adu who was known as Basey Okon in the village headmaster of the 1970s. The Village Headmaster was a Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Programme which depicted rustic life in the village. Easily it was one the popular television programme and ranked along with the likes of BAR BEACH SHOW under presenter Art ALADE. I was a University student then, and hardly thought of meeting Mr. Adu one day. As his obituary revealed last month, he was almost 20 years older than I am. Our part were to meet in the course of each person independently seeking deeper meanings to serious questions of life.

In this quest, he became inwardly advised to vacate that stage role and, together with his wife, develop programmes with new thrusts of messages in consonance with his changing and improving understanding of life. On one occasion, he got involved with a millennium project which was to pull by the ear or the shirt collar, so to say, in alert or sleeping souls. The message was to be that the Trumpets of the world judgment which the book of revelations speaks about are not going to be musical instruments. The images of them which many Christians carry in their heads and hearts are mere allegorical renditions. In reality, these trumpets are the multiplicity, intensity and rapidity with which these events occur. Nothing is new on earth no doubt. Even the flood of all floods in the days of Noah wasn’t new when it began to build up. It is the sheer quantum, rapidity and impact which suggest that something unusual may be on the way. Mr. Jab Adu titled his projects FOOTPRINTS IN THE SANDS OF TIME. These are markers that indicate a build up to a crescendo. They may be air crashes in particular months, number of deaths from a strife at a specific period in the year or something like these. We may argue back and forth that air crashes today are more than the were ten years ago,   we can say more people are dying in them today because they are more planes and more people flying. But do we even stop to think that air travel technology has in that period so grown in such leaps and bounds that, today, fewer air crashes, if any, than occurred in the dark age of aviation safety should be occurring today? The slot Mr. Adu gave me to fill in opened my soul more to world events. By world events I do not mean events of this earth but sign post or beacon-type events in the spiritual history of humanity. That history began with the of expulsion of the human spirit kernel from Paradise,  is journey through the World of Matter, bellow Paradise, for their sojourn and maturing, the expulsion from paradise and the role of Lucifer, a beautiful Archangel, in helping them through the principle of Supporting Love to achieve this, how Lucifer fell out of the grace of God by introducing the Principle of Temptation instead, how Jafdah, first incarnation of John the Baptist Loving guided the first humans on earth, how Lucifer and His minions menaced humanity, how it became expedient for Jesus to come before the final judgment for earth dwellers, how after the ascension of Jesus another divine Mission was prepared (Revelation 12) that would put Lucifer in bonds and set the stage for the much talked about Millennium, how, through Lucifer, all efforts to help mankind have  been riddled with confusion, how simple concepts are no longer understood because of their distortions, how, irrespective of these distortions the world events move on towards their inexorable conclusion in the  World Judgment, how the Trumpets are sounding loud and clear but no one  seems to hear, listen or care about them.

Mr. Jab Adu has done his bit to pull us by the ear or the shirt collar, and gone his way. May he awaken to joyful life on the other Side. While he was here, it was a delight for me to have a handshake from him. His shake was firm and warm, did not betrayed age, or signs that he may soon leave the flesh With thoughts such as these engaging the minds, Easter season is no time for those feast and revelry which are founded on the wrong concept that the death of Jesus was willed by God to wash all the sins of humanity away, so we can eat, drink and be merry for being covered by His Blood. Anyone who has a faint idea of what STIGMATISM and STIGMATAS are will never pray to be covered by the Blood of Jesus thus, at Easter and Christmas, I break away from bread and butter to reflect on questions of existence, improve on my understanding of them and, with the new concept define or deepened, bring about new changes in my conduct and life. May Easter afford us all the opportunities to become really BORN AGAIN………..AMEN.