NIGERIA’s weather will be hot this year, according to the weather man. Already, it is so hot that handkerchiefs, like iced water and other iced drinks, are selling like hot cakes. Even the laundries are smiling to the bank. The stench of perspiration would not permit that a dress worn today should be repeated “tomorrow to save laundry costs.  This is the season of heat stroke when infirm old people pass away and fragile plants wither.  I have lost to this hot weather 20 of the 25 pawpaw or papaya seedlings I planted around the house. I planted this many so that, by the time of their fruiting next year, I would be able to save money on food and live healthy to the bargain. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if I eat a whole pawpaw for breakfast and, for dinner, enjoy a glass or two of pawpaw smoothie which contains the powder of my favourable green herbs….Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Kale, Chlorella and a Tinge of Liquid Chlorophyll? The greens would provide minerals and vitamins and the great cleanser, chlorophyll. My Vervain seedlings have survived the hot weather. And so have the kindergarten Lemon grass.

I wish that Mrs. Ajoke Ogunwale, of the Meteorology Department, is still around on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network News to announce forecast of the weather as she did most evenings for about two decades. I would have enjoyed a one-on-one fill-up on the 2016 weather scenario. Since I head of it, I have done something wise. I have bought a second pair of photochromic eye glasses. Many Nigerians do not protect their eyes against the blue Spectrum of Sunlight. Yet it is the blue spectrum which “cooks” the lens of the eye to form cataracts, and damages the light sensitive part of the eye, the retina, to cause blindness or impaired vision.

Twenty-one years ago in 1995, I suddenly saw the “rainbow” in a candle – lit room. I rushed home from the office. The car windscreen was a smear of rainbows from the head lamps of oncoming vehicles. I knew immediately glaucoma had set in. not only did I acquire my first photochromic eye glasses, I became wise enough to add eye-protecting food supplements to my diet. These included alkaline Vitamin C, Bibery, Lutein and Zeazanthin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols), Omega -3 fatty acids, Vitamin B complex and the likes of them. If you wonder why I often eulogies Kale and Chlorella, it is because, among their other nutrients for the body’s health, they have large amounts of Lutein and Zeazanthin. Lutein and Zeazanthin are two carotenoid antioxidant which Mother Nature factored into the lens of the eye and the retina to protect them against Oxidative damage.

Many Nigerians do not protect their vision in regular weather and in hot weather, and this appears to be a major reason many eye clinics are flourishing nation-wide. Almost every-one is guilty of this. I, too, got startled only after the cock crow.


Hot weather affects water balance in the body, and this may lead to heat stroke and death. The body is about 70 to 75 percent water. This water constituents what is now known as the “three rivers of live.” About  66 percent of the body’s water content is in cells which number about one trillion in the adult. Imagine the motor vehicle battery and its cells. If water level falls too low in there cells, the battery becomes flat and may not start or run the engine. So is the body. If water runs low in the cells, the body batteries go flat.

Potassium, a mineral salt, helps the cells to hold water. About 22 percent of the remainder of the body’s water content is held by sodium outside the cells. Sodium tries to enter the cells, pushing in nutrients and oxygen, while potassium pushes sodium back and, in the process, forces out waste products of the cells activities which would otherwise have poisoned it. The electrical circuit thus created by these forces or movements establish the sodium battery.” Thus, the sodium-potassium pump and the sodium battery are important for the cells health. The remainder of the water content of the body is held in blood vessels.

In hot weather, the blood vessels dilate or expand to bring more blood to the surface of the skin for more heat to the lost to the environment. The heat is lost through perspiration. This means the water content of the body in blood vessels may fall. If this happens dangerously, air may replace the water lost and this may result in “air block” which may be fatal. The body may respond to prevent this by narrowing the blood vessels, so that no space is inadvertently left for air to occupy. This my increase tension (hypertension) in the flow of blood against the blood vessels. Alternatively, water may be withdrawn from the cells or from around the cells (interstitial fluid) to kit up shortage in blood vessels. Such water losses in the cells cause them to shrink and this is reflected in general outlook.  When exposure to heat overwhelms the body or is prolonged enough to cause heat stroke, the brain, kidneys and muscles may become damaged and death may occur.


Many people who sweat excessively in hot weather instinctively drink cold water or some other cold stuff to regain their balance. But, often times, the drink is only a “coolant”. It doesn’t return to the body all that the heat has taken away from it. And so, it does not address a biochemical imbalance which hot weather impacts and which may lead to a state of disease.

Many people who overcome their thirst with cold water or cold drink may not be well advised about the composition of the sweat they are trying to balance out.

It is estimated that sweat contains water, mineral salts and trace elements; lactic acid water and sodium may account for about 0.9 grammes, potassium (0.2 grammes) liter. Calcium is protected at 0.015 grammes, liter. Magnesium (0.0013 grammes) liter. Water excreted by some adults through sweating may amount to about 2.4 liters per hour or 10.14 liters daily.

In pre-puberty children, sweating may sap the body of about 10 to 15 grammes. These mineral salts lost through sweating, especially in hot weather, are not easily replaced through the cooling drinks many people take. I like to start my day with a breakfast of banana and Avocado smoothie into which is whipped pinches of Spirulina, wheatgrass, Kale and Chlorella. Banana and Avocado will pronde lots of Potassium while Minerals and some vitamins will come from the greens which, to the bargain, will also provide protein and trace elements and Chlorophy.

Anyone who doubts the power of fruit and vegetable juices, should listen to Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of Europes leading fruit and vegetable juice therapy doctors who, with them, healed all 13 leg ulcers of a female patients that had appeared in curable. Dr. Jenson says in the preface to his book, JUICING THERAPY, subtitled NATURES WAY TO BETTER HEALTH AND A LONGER LIFE (ISBN 0658002791, which I recommend for your health library…

“I was introduced to the healing power of juices early in my career when a thirty-year-old woman came to my office with thirteen leg ulcers, several the size of silver dollars and open with running pus. Three years of treatments by several doctors had not helped her.

She had been examined and treated at two of the top medical clinics in the United States. At one of them, she was treated for hypocalcaemia, a shortage of calcium, which her doctor believed to be part of her problem. He prescribed pharmaceutical calcium, which she could not assimilate. This young women was getting very discouraged until someone told her about my work as a clinical nutritionist.

As I listened to her story, I couldn’t help but wonder how I was going to assist a person who so many other doctors had tried to help but failed. Then I thought of the elderly in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley who still had every tooth in their heads, strong bones, and healthy skin at ages over a hundred years. Where did they get their calcium? Why did they have such good calcium control? It most certainly was partly due to the fresh greens they ate.

Fresh greens are high in the vitamin A precursor, carotene, which helps control calcium in the body. Greens also contain a significant amount of calcium. I thought if I could get her to drink juice from several different kinds of green vegetables, maybe it would speed up the healing of the leg ulcers. She would be getting an easily assimilated natural form of calcium in the juice, and she would also be getting enough vitamin A to control the distribution in the body.

I believe in putting my patients to work so that they are involved in their own healing process. Day after day, I had the woman chop up green leafy vegetables-spinach, dandelion greens, Kale, and I don’t know how many others. We soaked them in water until the good green juice had “bled” into the water, then strained it through cheesecloth. She drank a glass of this green vegetable juice diluted in water every hour, all day.

It was hard work, but it paid off. In three weeks, the thirteen leg ulcers were completely healed. The secret was in the juice! What prescription remedies from drugstores failed to cure, Mother Nature completed healed.

I want to bring attention to the chlorophyll in the green leafy vegetable because I am certain that it played an important role in the healing process, two. Chlorophyll is the lifeblood of plants and one of the most wonderful blood cleaners I have ever used with patients. It cleans the blood by cleansing the bowel of those toxins most commonly assimilated into the bloodstream. “When you‘re green inside, you’re clean inside,” I always told my patients. Experience has demonstrated to me the value of keeping the bowel clean by means of chlorophy-rich drinks. A clean bowel helps prevent disease.

The success of this case and hundreds like it eventually established my reputation and increase my confidence in what I was bringing into my patients’ live and bodies. I enjoy seeing people improve their health, and juices are a wonderful source of nutrients that I believe we all need to take advantage of to reach for the highest level of health and well-being we can get.

Juices (and other liquids) are the fastest method I know for getting nutrients- in easily digested and assimilated from-into the blood and lymph systems that feed the cells and maintain the body’s health. We find that fruit juices tend to supply more vitamins, while vegetable juices tend to supply more minerals, all do each contains. (juice should be use soon after being made because some vitamins and minerals are oxidized soon after extraction from their source. Also, live enzymes don’t last long in juice.) Freshness and ripeness are factors that influence the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables we run through our juicers, but soil is by far the most important influence. If the soil depleted of important minerals, the fruit and vegetables grown from that soil will be depleted of those same minerals. The label “organic” on a fruit or vegetable doesn’t guarantee that it has been grown on mineral-rich soil, so we need to do a certain of  research and investigation to find out where fruits and vegetables we purchase are grown  and what the quality of the soil is in that place.

I want to make clear that I don’t believe we can make a life on juices –we need fiber foods for bowel tone and proper elimination, including whole grains, raw nuts, and seeds, and sources of protein such as eggs, cheese, and yogurt. A juice diet is not a balanced diet, but there may be times when a juice fast is appropriate for certain physical ailments and conditions, as discussed in chapter 2.

In my own nutritional regimen, I use juices much of same as I use supplements-to get specific nutrients into the body fast so that they can get to the cells and restore proper function and balance. The vitamins, minerals, and enzymes present in juices are assimilated and launched into the blood-stream or lymph system much faster than if solid food had been eaten.

I believe in juices. I believe we can easily include a juice snack in our diets twice a day for better health and well-being and for an extra measure of protection from disease. I want to emphasize the need for variety in the kinds of juices we use because variety is the only way we can be sure of getting all the different nutrients we need day.

If you want to feel better and live longer, juicing and juices are for you.

This little book can bring you knew life if reading and if you become “doers of the word, and not hearers only”! It may save you from aging before your time and may greatly reduce the amount of money you invest in your family physician.

We must learn the simple truth, that we don’t (and can’t) heal a disease. It is the patient we should be taking care of, not the disease, and we take a giant step forward in our own understanding and perspective when we recognize that juices are great health builders, but they are not “medications” prescribed to alleviate or suppress disease symptoms.

Your health and life can be changed if you act on what is in this book.

Nutrition is the foundational healing art, absolutely necessary before any kind of healing can take place in the body. How can I say this? Because only the chemical elements from foods can rebuild cells or correct defects in cells, and because our ultimate source of chemical element is foods; the success of all other healing arts depends on this one healing art.”

Thank, Dr. Jenson. My friends should now understand why I advise them to take a combination of the pinches of Kale, wheat grass, Spirulina, chlorella and one teaspoonful of liquid chlorophy in a glass of water on empty stomach first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It has helped cases such as high prolactin levels and breast discharge in women, retrograde menstrual blood flow, distended abdomen, uterine fibroids and many more. You should appreciate why I wish to have a pawpaw farm in the backyard, to enjoy a smoothie of the leaf, seeds fruit and peel in a background of these greens with them, one should be well kited for the hot weather which not only leaches water to reduce body temperature, but robs our bodies also of valuable salt such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, among others.