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Dr Stoff and Dr. Murray Susser left us in no doubt in the first part of this series last Thursday that candida, fungi, parasites and poor nutrition were the culprits behind these debilitating health conditions. What Dr.Susser added to a long list of symptoms presented by Dr. stoff was decreased blood circulation to the brain after an exercise. Many thanks, again, to the editors of the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DIGEST for for the book titled CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME FIROMYALGIA and ENVIRONMENTAL ILLNESSES through which about 50 American doctors explain to us their alternative medicine approaches to the treatment of these conditions. I have no word yet from the Nigerian woman in New York who was advised by this column to ask her specialist doctor for stool and other test which look out for Candida and parasites. Dr Stoff says these conditions persist in the United States because many doctors treat surface symptoms and ignore these fundamental origins . let us not forget that this woman had six long months of antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis which would kill the tubercule bacillus bacteria as well as the friendly bacteria in the intestine, making the intestine later prone to an overpopulation of other germs. To prevent this, the woman ought to have gone on a probiotic immediately her tuberculosis therapy was concluded.
Last week, a Nigerian woman who presented symptoms similar to those of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia telephoned to ask about which other presentations she may watch out for. Asked to check the condition of her tongue, she decided to WhatsApp a photograph of it. It was a typical veiw of oral thrush, of candida. Test would determine if this was an isolated or local presentation or if it was a mapping or mirroring on the tongue of an overgrowth of candida albicans in the intestine. Less I forget, the tongue was all gray (white) with hardly any sign of the normal pinkish-red colour of the healthy tongue. Viewed through a microscope, mushroom head-like structures would be observed with stems which project roots deep into the tongue, from which nutrients would be sucked and into which toxins or poisonous wastes would be injected. All over the body, this may cause nerve and muscle and other pains, depending on the weakness of the immune system. intestinal or virginal candida would behave likewise, sucking nutrients for growth and inject toxins into the host tissues. These toxins may harms various organs, muscles and the brain, causing inflammation and pain, and weakening , if not instalmentally killing them. When candida appears on many organs, the condition becomes systemic candidiasis. Many doctors believe it surfaces in the blood stream. Others believe it does not. Those who say it can refer to dark field microscopy test results, which some doctors disbelieve. In such studies, the healthy blood is revealed as one which is made red by the appearance of oxygen bearing red blood cells. These cells are active, moving rapidly about. So are the white blood cells of the immune system. In the Candida infested blood, however, small or large patches of white matter (Candida) appear, depending on the severity of the infection. Red and white cells are few, sometimes clumped, grossly immobile and the blood is less bright red, indicating de-oxygenation.
In the book on chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromayalgia and environmental illnesses, we have ideas about how some doctors apply alternative medicines resources to help their patients.
Dr. Leon Chaitow For reversing nutritional deficiencies and rebuilding immune function, he suggests;

1. Vitamin B complex, to increase anti body response,
2. Vitamin C, to build immunity and to stimulate adrenaline
3. Vitmin E, a deficiencies of which reduces immune response
4. Vitamin A, an immunity builder which improves resistance to infections,
5. Beta carotene, a Vitamin A precursor to stimulate T- cell production,
6. Antioxidants such as selenium, Zinc and calcium, for combating candidiasis
7. Chromium, Magnesium and Adrenal glandular extracts, for stimulating adrenal function.( Adrenal glandular extract are finding use in medicine for many ailments. In many countries, including Nigeria, the price of adult pig adrenal glands has gone up. This gland is liqulified and purified and the extract is given to patients , including those suffering from cancer. Dr Caroline Dean has shown in the United State the importance of Magnesium in more than 200 body functions. We have long known that candida thrives on excess blood sugar and that chromium burns excess blood sugar. These supplements will drive home anew the importance of green drinks such as liquid Chlorophy11, spirulina, chlorella, what grass e.t.c often mentioned in this column because of they are power house storages for these natural health protectors and builders.

8. Probiotic… to repopulate ” the intestines with friendly” bacteria and correct the imbalance of flora created by the candida overgrowth ”
9. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)… In this group are such brands as CBD oil, Udo’s oil, Evening primrose oil and MAX EPA among others.
Dr Jame Braly. His prescriptions agree with Dr Chaitows. Bayond then, he add Taurine, Golden seal extract, my favourite.


The Stomach

Many of the doctors covered by the ALTERNATIVE DIGEST to not forget health of the stomach as a crucial factor in the candidasis healing process. Dr Braly says many years of alcoholism, food allergies, nutrient deficiencies and the aging process may compromise hydrochloric acid (HCl) production in the stomach and, without enough of HCL, encourage the flourish of Candida in the intestine. For this, many doctors prescribe BETAINE HCL, PAPAYA ( pawpaw sap) TABLETS and Apple Cider vinegar.



This is an interest ing field. The doctors speak of Barberine – containing herbs. Barberine is a chemical alkaloid found in some herbs. In the body, Barberine coats the living of tubes such as the intestine, or the urinary tract. The slippery coat makes it impossible for pathogens to hook up to, or to adhere to these tubes and suck the nutrients they need to live and to grow. Deprived of nutrient, they shrivel, are weakened or die or it become much easy for the immune system to deal with them . Dr. Braly name some of the Barberine eco raining herbs as Golden Seal Root, Oregon Grape and Barberry. Barberine does many things, including antibiotic action against candida, normalising the intestinal flora, solutions to digestive problems, curbing of diarrheal, improving blood supply to the spleen and thereby stimulating the immune system. The list of antifungal and antibacterial herbs suggested by Dr Braly includes German Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Licorice Tea Tree Oil, Ginseng, Alfalfa, Fennel, Anise and Red Clover. ( In Nigeria, a leading anti- candida and anti fungal proprietary blend is Amazon A-F. It is made from the barks of about eight Amazon forest trees on which fungus had no meaningful effect).


Coconut Oil

I decided to give good, old coconut oil special mentioned as did Dr. Braly, not only because it can be easily found in Nigeria, but more because of how it has helped out wonderfully in many digestive system problems, including the opportunistic illnesses of HIV-challenge people. There have been claims as well that it has helped to resolve some cancer questions. It is important to known that there are different qualities of coconut oil in the market. Some are pure, others are diluted. Some are cold pressed, some come damaged because they are heat expressed. Some are made from over-matured coconut while others come from immature coconut. The immature brands, largely imported, are the most effective. The book say:

” Dr Braly’s first attack on candidiasis is CAPRYLIC ACID
A fatty acid found in coconut oil and found to be an effective antifungal agent. Only if there is no improvement will Dr. Braly use conventional medication. Since Caprylic acid is ready absorbed into the system, it should be taken in enteric coated ( absorbed in the small intestine, rather than in the stomach) or sustained release form.

” In one study, 16 patients were given 1,800 mg daily of Caprylic acid ( the commercial brand Capricin) for 16 days, three patients were given 2,700 mg daily and six received 3,600mg per day. The results were (a) 39 percent to 90 percent reduction in candida levels among those with the 1,800mg dosage; (b) 70- 100 percent reduction in the three patients talking 2,700mg and complete elimination of candida in all of those talking 3,600mg”.

The series continues.