THERE is a church sermon video currently circulating in Nigeria which I’d like to quickly talk about before we come to matters such as low sperm count, zero sperm count, and erectile dysfunction. This video reminds me of a woman who almost abandoned her marriage because the husband made their bedroom sexually inhospitable for her wellbeing. Anxious moments in the other room reminds me, also, of the report of a Nigeria woman in the United Kingdom who bore a wholly white child for her Nigerian husband who accepted this child as his because a DNA test confirmed the paternity as such. In Nigeria, this event would have wrecked their marriage and the wife would have become an outcast.


The pastor in the Church sermon video is an African American. He propagates the garden concept of marriage, an old ignoble idea which has long given way to ennobling thoughts and practices in the marriage institution. In the garden concept of marriage, the man is the sower, the woman the field or the farm. The seeds the man sows are his sperm. The woman has no other sublime task in her life than too receive the sperm, continually bear children and populate the earth with the view of propagating her specie. This pastor is raw, and comes to me as a man who is twisting the Christian Scriptures around his fingers to justify and protect his own sexual weaknesses. Deep Christian thinkers will easily discover him. The weaklings, like the FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS who had no oil in their lamps, would easily flow along with him, shouting Halleluyah, even when their spirits urged them to be cautious. For having no oil in the lamp means being in-alert inwardly, gullible, and being easy to take for a long, long ride. Who can mislead a wise person?

This pastor promotes sex to the level of the purpose of man’s existence on earth.

Accordingly, he tells the half shocked, half elated congregation that man “does not want sex, he needs it”. His message is directed to women in the congregation. He says sex becomes a “need” for a man because of the task he is given to populate this earth. As a result, he is loaded with “seed” and he does not run a “menstrual cycle” which will disturb him. He is meant to unload or shell these seeds “anytime, anywhere,” and, if possible, “anyhow”. The congregation appears shocked, and he appears to search for a means of carrying it along. He finds this means when he confronts the women. He says “Christian women” do not understand this high task of a man when, as wives, they turn away sexually from their husbands. When a man comes to his woman for the upteenth time in one day, he says, she accuses him of having “a demon” in him which is turning him on. She rushes to her pastor to lodge a complaint, hoping he would call her husband to order. But she becomes deflated and disappointed when the pastor tells her that he, too, being a man, has the same demon in him, and, so, cannot advise her not to yield to her husband’s sexual advances, because, for him, they are a “need,” not a “want”. According to this thinking, it is women who “want” sex, men “need” it, to fulfill their high task in this world.

The congregation, still shocked and as if in a swoon, still does not respond.  So, the pastor pleads… “Help me on, help me on. Then the congregation comes alive, yelling Halleluyah, Halleluyah!!

The woman I mentioned earlier was a friend of my family in the 1980s. She said her husband would follow her anywhere in the house…kitchen, toilet, and living-room, just to have sex with her. The matter was not foreclosed even in the other room. He was like a sex maniac, like the husband of one newspaper executive of the 1990s who did not mind sleeping with his wife right before the children, once the instinct and the urge overtook him.

As I said earlier, a deep Christian thinker can easily punch holes in this pastor’s arguments. First, our Lord Jesus taught us that Marriages do not take place in heaven. He also gave us the Lord’s Prayer in which we plead… “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. If we pray that our earth reflect the Kingdom of God, and that His Will in Heaven be also done on earth, as there is no sex in heaven, why should it be the primary focus of earth-men and a problem to many men and women? Certainly, it is not the purpose of existence on earth but merely supportive of it. Did the Lord Jesus have a wife or a Child? His example should be enough guidance for us in all things, even when minions of the Darkness, of Lucifer, strive to derail us from the part which leads us homewards, capitalizing on the weaknesses of the flesh we are still unable to cast aside. I am not saying sex is not important from the human species.

My spiritual faith teaches me that, like food, water, air and exercise, sex is a natural requirement of a “healthy” human body for certain reasons, but it should be indulged in under certain conditions. Thus, like all things that were instituted for mankind, sexual intercourse comes with its rules and regulations. Indulging in it outside these rules constitutes a sin. I am not here talking about adultery parse, which many people do not understand, from the origin of the world itself. Adultery is to adulterate. Adulteration means to make impure. So, when man add his own ideas of sex to the original, spiritual concept of sex, he has adulterated that original concept. It is like when you contaminate petrol with kerosene, you adulterate the petrol. It may well be a man and a woman who were once suited spiritually to be called husband and wife may have drifted so much apart in the course of their earthly wanderings and experiencing that, before the Laws of God on marriage, they are no longer husband and wife, even if all the legal papers on this earth say they still are.   If under legal respectability they sleep with each other, they adulterate the concept of marriage and, therefore, commit adultery, spiritually speaking. It may well happen that a man from one marriage and a woman from another legally subsisting but sunken and failed marriage genurely fall in love in accordance with their Creator’s Will. Who on this earth can stand before these Laws and say they commit adultery. Our only concerns for them should be the need for them to ennoble and formalize their ways and means according to earthly dictates, if only to keep wagging tongues at bay. These should protect their legitimate desire to share their lives on earth as husband and wife. I must quickly return to the functions of sex in life of the earth man. By earth-man is meant the human spirit in an earth body. there is no doubt that sex helps to procreate the human specie on earth. Procreation affords an opportunity for human souls in the “beyond” wishing to come to this earth to do so. Remember it is said in the Christian scriptures that “I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother’s womb.” Coming to this earth has a purpose. Besides this, procreation serves as an exchange of radiations between the genders. We should understand the subordinate role of sex to the purpose of existence on earth when we ask and successfully answer the question: why did we have to be on this earth? Another question is: did we come from somewhere to this earth? If we did, then there must be a reason for being here, procreation only helps us to come here to achieve that purpose… it cannot be the main reason we are here. We humans were “planted” on this earth in seed form, that is as human spirit seed germs. A semblance of this is the planting of mango or orange seeds in the earth soil. The mango and orange seeds sprouts, germinate, flower and fruit to fulfill the purpose of their creation. Human spirit seed germs are, likewise, to grow from spiritual unconsciousness to self-consciousness. Many people today are only conscious of their existence, like animals or ants, but are not self-conscious. In a state of self-consciousness, the being recognizes not only self but also, its maker, other creatures, creation, the purpose of his existence in Creation, the laws which govern everything in creation and voluntarily fulfill these laws. One day, he would become “perfect” enough for its specie to be permitted to be a tool in the up building of creation.

The subject “exchange of radiation” is not the subject for today. Nevertheless, I will attempt a brief explanation. The Afro- American Pastor’s Bible says somewhere that “I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother’s   womb. That means we came to this earth from somewhere. As I already sought to establish. In the course of the journey to the earth, each person chose the direction of service or work to be engaged in, in Creation. Certain work is better carried out by the female gender. Certain work required the male. Thus, the gender separation occurred according to the decision made. As a man, whatever essence I did not require withdrew from me. I am, therefore, a splitting of the human species. I would always have a sensing of the need for that which has left me.  This I may obtain in work relationship with the female gender or, better still, in marriage with one member of this human sub specie who is most compactible with my nature and compliments it. Thus, we speak about homogeneity and complementarity for the stability of marriage. Even among the element, this law subsists because it bears the unswerving, eternal Will of the Creator. The water molecule can split into Hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Hydrogen and Oxygen have affinity for each other, and uniting under certain conditions of pressure and temperature, will become water molecules again. The same goes for Sodium Chloride or Potassium Sulphate… for everything.

The spiritual condition for sex between the genders is a tough one. Both souls most be complimentary and their must have been, between them, an inward or spiritual process, tending towards physical union, that is marriage. The way we engage in sex      nowadays falls short of this condition and it does not arise from the yearning of the healthy body. For many humans, the body is diseased. It has been sexually overstimulated and sex has become a plaque, not a blessing. In the 1990s, I reared all sorts of animals…pigs, rabbits, chickens, name them. The females of this animals never agreed to be mated by the males unless they were on “heat” during   particular period of their menstrual cycle. In converse, look at the female human today. She has broken this rule. Yet her body, like the male’s, is descended from the animal and is meant to be the most ennobled of all animal bodies. When a pastor adds salt to this “injury” by preaching that she yield to sex “everywhere, anytime”, he is urging her to devolve below the level of the animal. This is one of the games Lucifer plays with man to make him continue to have a free fall farther away from salvation. Just look at a tree or plant. The root system represents the male factor. It secures the plant and brings it sustenance from the soil. The aerial parts bring fragrance, flower and fruit, a female function. Among the spiritual specie, the female is more connected to the home, paradise, the male more to the word of matter. Lucifer urged women to get involved with earthly matters. Remember Lot’s wife? Thus, she forgot about the home. Once she forgot about paradise, mankind’s connection with home became severed. A first sign of that severance is that high value from home no longer adorn earthly activities. So, everything is now upside down. Only the person who seriously bestirs himself inwardly today can have a faint idea that paradise really exists. The struggle homewards must therefore become harder with woman, as guide, lost to Lucifer. Marriage or motherhood is not the highest calling of earth-woman. It is a duty to bring mankind back home in paradise. Marriage or motherhood only supports this venture because it provides the opportunity to love other beings. Therefore, we should never dance to sonorous music without first checking the fingers on the strings of the harp. The congregation which hilariously screams Halleluyah when a pastor massages the sexual ego is a careless and stupid congregation. Anyway, a follower will always find a leader at his or her own level.


I am aware of only a few cases of men who still cohabit peacefully with their wives in the other room after they had good reasons to doubt the paternity of a child or children and DNA tests stand solidly behind them. In Nigeria, we tend to over trust the DNA technology, and this must have caused emotional disturbances in many homes. What is emerging in the DNA market now is that some people have more than one DNA. The hair may present a DNA different from that of the skin. So, if you test hair samples of father and child for DNA correlation, and there is a disagreement, does that mean the son is not the child of the father? The stories told in answer this question:

“The condition can mean people aren’t genetic mothers of children they have given birth to, and that people can have two different blood types. Doctors are finding more and more instances of human chimeras –a condition that may affect far more people than we realize. Human chimerism hit the headline this week after it was revealed that a man had failed a paternity test because he had the condition – which meant that the genetic father of his child was his unborn twin. The condition occurs when one unborn child absorbs the calls of another miscarried sibling in the womb, leading to the surviving person taking some of the genes of their “ghost” twin. That can lead to strange results in the DNA of people that have the condition –but it can often go completely unnoticed.

“Another example involved Karen Keegan, a woman from Boston in the U.S. who had a different set of genes in her blood cells and her ovaries. Her children were not genetically hers- and the real genetic mother was a twin sister that was never born. In the case of the Washington man reported this week, different genes were found in his cheek-where the saliva in the test was taken from-and sperm.  That meant that he was excluded from a paternity test, but a DNA-based ancestory check showed that was the child’s uncle. But many people who have the condition will never take a paternity test or their children, or find out through other means. That is likely to mean that many people could have the condition and never know.”

From we learn of a couple who thought their child was made from a donor’s sperm. Their newborn son’s blood did not match the father’s or the mother’s.

“The mother became pregnant through artificial insemination,” says the website, “so, it only makes sense that the fertility clinic had made a terrible mistake and used the wrong sperm sample. Except staff at the clinic told them that the 34-year-old father was the only white man who had donated sperm at the facility on the day the child, who appeared white, was conceived, buzzed reports.

“In some ways, though, the couple was right. Their child did bear the DNA of another man…but he wasn’t quite a stranger, at least in biological terms. The DNA matched that of the father’s unborn twin, essentially making the man the biological uncle of his wife’s child. The couple was understandably confused when they received this explanation from genetic testing company 23andMe and barrister Starr, a Stanford university geneticist who runs the “Ask a geneticist” blog on which the new parents first posed the query.”

These stories should make Nigerian fathers and mothers take matters easy when paternity issues arise and the resort for a resolution of them in DNA testing.

Apologies, gentlemen, low sperm count and peyronie’s and damaged testes and erectile dysfunction, all problems in the other room, have to wait another day.


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