Candida poisoning is one of today’s silent killers. Women experience it more than men. It degrades their urinary tract and birth canals, creating pain, itch, discharge, sores, pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

Amazon A-F is a proprietary blend of Amazon forest anti-fungal and anti-yeast herbs targeted at Candida albicans, the Candida strain which causes these havocs.

Candida is present in all of us, but this yeast like fungus is not troublesome for as long as our immune system can keep it under control. Many factors make it difficult for the immune system to do this. One of these factors is stress. Another is an overload of toxins from food, air, and water. Yet another is the over-consumption of carbohydrate foods and refined sugars. These sugars give the Candida cell the material to form a biofilm around itself. This film makes it impossible for immune cells or pharmaceutical drugs to penetrate this protective coat to the Candida albican cell.

If the Candida population overgrows in the intestine as a result of these factors, the colon wall is damaged, to create what is known as the leaky gut syndrome. This means tiny sieves in the intestine through which small molecules of digested food pass into the bloodstream are broken and enlarged to allow abnormally larger molecules to pass. The immune system pursues these molecules to wherever they go in the body and attack organs which harbour them. This is believed to be one of the causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other auto-immune diseases, conditions in which the body attacks itself and not it enemy, the germ. Meanwhile, Candida and its toxins which escape into the bloodstream and reach various organs cause many symptoms which include…chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, digestive issues, recurring yeast infections, oral thrush, sinus infections, food allergies/intolerance fungal infections on the skin and nail, a weak immune system, joint pain, low mood…”

These symptoms are induced largely by a candida albicans toxin called Acetaldehyde which weakens the organs, saps them of energy, creates adrenal fatigue, among other debilitating effects.

To worsen matters, it is now believed, candida is behind many cancers, especially breast cancer.

Some doctors have written books on this subject. One of them is Dr. Solocini of Italy, who, arguably, was among the first doctors to announce that he had discovered candida and other fungi in breast cancer tissue. This was at a time many researchers and blood specialist did not believe that candida could cross from the intestine into the blood stream and, from there, into the organs. One of the books written thereafter on this subject is titled CANCER IS A FUNGUS.

WHEN a patient arrives in the clinic of a natural medicine physician these days, one of the first checks carried out is on the tongue. If it is grayish (many people see it as whitish), it is a sign of heavy candida infestation of the system. What we see on the tongue is a child’s play in comparison to what is actually going on. The oral thrush, as the grayish layer of the tongue is described, is a forest of candida. The head of the Candida is like the head of the mushroom. Like the mushroom, it has a stem and a root system. The roots penetrate the tongue to draw nutrients for the candida to grow and creates passages for its toxins to leach into the tongue tissue and beyond it.

In other words, Candida kills us slowly. AMAZON A-F is a combination of about 12 Amazon rain forest herbs which have been used against fungi, candida and mold for centuries, with remarkable results.

One of them is called JATOBA. It is an interesting ingredient in the Amazon A-F formula. It presents terpene and phenolic compounds. These protect the tree from fungi and mold. It is remarkable that the Jatoba tree is one of the few trees in the rain forest that has a clean trunk that is uninfected by fungi and mold which attack other trees in that wet and humid habitat.

Another interesting ingredient in Amazon A-F is GRAVIOLA. This plant has been shown to modulate ATP production in abnormal cells with ATP intercellular pumps. These pumps are known to exist in the cells of Candida, fungi, bacteria and cancer. This is one reason Graviola has become increasingly popular in cancer therapy. The pumps mentioned above are said to make these pathogens “resistant or immune to chemicals designed to kill them”. But Graviola knocks out these pumps to expose the organisms to ingredients designed to kill them.

The other ingredients in Amazon A-F work synergistically to make the product potent. They include Brazilian Pepper tree which has an anti- fungal oil; the anti-microbial Anamu herb which fights several strain of fungi, protozoa and bacteria; Matico is effective against many strains of bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Now, check your tongue in a mirror. If it is grayish, that’s a possible sign of candida. Normally, the colour of the tongue is pinkish red. The heavier the gray on the tongue is, the more infested with candida it is. Many diseases in the body begin from toxins which are produced by germs in oral cavity. If in the intestine you experience bloating, pain, gas, constipation or diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Candida is most probable at work. Challenge and knock it out with Amazon A-F.


German Chamomile…the herb that “can do anything”

This is a herb the Germans say “…can do anything”. Always, it reminds me of the Yoruba all-purpose herbal medicinal recipe called “Gbogbonse”. This name is the modern abbreviated version of the old name…gbogbo ohun ise. This stands for “everything that is needed or required for a remedy”. Today, we know of it more as a recipe for all sorts of health maladies.

I remember my grandmother keeping a bottle of gbogbonse behind the earthenware water pot in her bedroom. Any time any of her grandchildren came down with whatever ailment, she administered one tablespoonful orally to that person and, ponto, that was it. I recoiled from gbogbonse when I became an adult and learned that some of the brands of gbogbonse contained allum. Allum is alluminium, that soft metal which has been implicated in brain and other diseases.

I learned of German Chamomile from my friends who, in the 1980s, were frequent visitors to Austria which, like West Germany then, was Europe’s home of herbs. German Chamomile is different from Roman Chamomile, although they are both often used for the same purposes, Roman Chamomile more for children’s ailments.

In German, German Chamomile is called Allex zutraut which means “capable of anything”. For the health benefits ascribed to it, German Chamomile also goes by the description of “European Ginseng”, to position it as a counterpart of “Korean or Siberian Ginseng”.

German Chamomile has been used for health purposes for about 2,000 years. As early as 78 AD its use featured in the writings of prominent European fok medicine physicians such as Asclepius, Galen, Hippocrates, and Culpepper.

So, what makes German Chamomile such an amazing herb that the world cannot easily forget it?

We can talk about no fewer than 15 ways in which this herb helps give us radiant health.

It is anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-arthritis, anti-depression and anxiety, pro-digestion, anti- headaches, relieves motion sickness and nausea, relieves muscle aches, soothes Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) problems, is good for the respiratory system, is a sedative, is anti-stress and is wound-healing.

Recently, I gave German Chamomile to a gentleman who was under such emotional stress that had grown to anxiety with a tendency to dragging him into depression. And it worked for him. The sedative properties of German Chamomile helps the consumer to relax by calming the nerves. With this, anxiety and body tension are reduced and the challenged person can have a clearer thought and overcome emotional conduct. In this way, German Chamomile is anti-stress. As it can be deduced, calm nerves, muscles, mind and body support restful sleep, and this makes German Chamomile a useful ally in the treatment of insomnia.

We are now in the cold season in Nigeria when many people experience a resurgence of their respiratory system challenges such as chest infections, catarrh, mucus build-up and even asthma.

Being anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile has the potential to widen the air passages by preventing catharral build-ups so that more air and more blood can flow through easily in the tissues. In infections, this enables white blood cells to move more freely to attack disturbing germs.

For women who experience debilitating period pains, premenstrual syndrome or menopausal problems, the calming effects of German Chamomile can be a soothing balm. One of the ways it can be of help to eliminate cramping, pain and nausea, for example, is by helping to balance the female hormones, the unbalancing of which is well known to cause these problems.

Many people complain these days about muscle aches and pains and cramping. They should benefit from German Chamomile therapy.  So should people who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, those involuntary muscle jerks of the legs which disturb sleep at night and is a cause of insomnia.

For that young woman who approached me recently with an inflammatory and itching skin condition, I would suggest German Chamomile in addition to her other skin remedies which would include Zinc, Silica, Vitamin A and Omega-3 fish oil. German Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin eruptions, flare-ups and redness. Because German Chamomile is also an anodyne, that is anti-pain, it can be counted upon to help reduce pain in the affected areas as well. Conditions which may profit from it include eczema, wounds and rashes among others.

The oil of German Chamomile applied to hair kills lice, mites and prevents infection and damage to the scalp. Taken as tea, it prevents bacterial and fungal infections and eliminate on-going infections. It kills intestinal worms. One authority says of Chamomile:

“It eliminates feelings of sadness, depression, disappointment and sluggishness while inducing a sort of happy or changed feeling. Smelling this oil can help a lot in overcoming depression and bringing about a good mood.

When German Chamomile is said to be a promoter of digestion, the reference is to the fact that it settles situations in the stomach (stomachic), liver (hepatic), promoting the bile flow.

Can we be done with one herb which is capable of anything? No.

German Chamomile is anti-rheumatic and anti-phlogistic. These are related to the circulatory system. The herb stimulate circulation and detoxifies the bloodstream of such poisons as excess uric acid, which may cause rheumatism and arthritis. As a carminative, this herb helps to eliminate gas in the intestinea nd prevents the formation of gas. This has a blood pressure lowering effect. What many people who suffer from gas build-ups in the intestine do not know is that gas trapped in the wind pipe can cause death. If they know, they would appreciate German Chamomile in the herbal medicine cupboard.

For people who worry that they are not making enough urine, German Chamomile can help.

Nowadays, we live in a stressful world. Stress hormones build up in our bloodstream. In extreme cases, stress burns out the adrenal gland. This glands are situated on top of the kidneys. They protect us against ravages of stress by producing stress hormones which make us go through stress without realising that we are. In this regard, they can be likened to the shock absorbers of a motor vehicle which absorbs the shocks when a motor vehicle is driven on a rough road so that the passengers do not feel bumps. When stress is excessive, the adrenal gland become weak or burnt out. In order for the body to keep running. It begins to convert other hormones to stress hormones. Some of the first hormone casualties are the sex hormones. Conversion of sex hormones to stress hormones leaves little or no sex hormone to drive the sexual system. This may be a cause of frigidity problems in women and libido problems in men. Too much stress disturb sleep, makes the stress person become hyperactive, irritable, emotional and, in some cases schizophrenic, psychotic and depressed. Stress has many foundations. It can come from food which disagrees with the body’s biochemistry. It can come from exposure to environmental poisons. It can come from psychological and emotional forces. It can come from financial embarrassment, marital troubles etc. Whichever way stress comes from it ravages the nerves, and, since the nerves originate from the brain, it ravages the brain as well. Brain and nerve ravages affect hormone balances, the organs and biochemistry. It also damages the immune system, opening the gate to a host of diseases. That is why a herb which combat stress, protects the adrenal glands, enhances immune function, calms the nerves and balances the brain is a herb that “can do anything” and that is why German Chamomile is a top shot herb for stress and stress related matters.


A birthday present from Aisha Buhari

I approach August of every year with caution. True, it is the month of my birth. But it is also the month in which my mother and then, my father left the flesh. It is the month of many other memorable events in my life. Thus, I tend to “step down” as August approaches. Hajiya Aisha Buhari brought me a flicker of hope two or three weeks ago for good tidings as August approaches. And I took it as my 67th birthday present. The good cheer is that…President Muhammadu Buhari is now fit to return home from his sick bed at a U.K. hospital. As a matter of fact, he should return home today if all goes well.

Many of us are sick when our country, Nigeria, is sick, and this is the man we had expected to put many wrong things right so that Nigeria can get out of her sick bed, and we, too, can become happier people.

President Buhari’s absence from home made the dark ones raise their heads. Some wanted State pardon for looters of public treasures. Some wanted us to have an Acting, Acting President. It was amazing to me that Senators from the South-East of Nigeria were in the Senate sittings at which Senators butchered the budget of the Second Onitsha Bridge for which there has been a public clamour for more than 10 years. What kind of Senators are these, I wondered, almost developing a headache and flies, in my tummy.

I know joy, however, in the fact that Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has done us lovers of public good proud. He is from where I am, a people who do not betray trust and stand up for the good of all.