NKEM BREDAN Nkem, this is your season. I can see Dotun Akintoye smiling and Yemisi John nodding in agreement. Wither Charles Akintobi! Young and flying, Nkem, you have no need for any long talk about health problems. You’d rather we talk about plants, fruits and herbs and their health benefits. Begun last Thursday, this series should fulfill your desire. It is, as was stated, a review at the beginning of every year of the health products on the Nigerian Alternative and/ or Traditional Medicine Market which have been found beneficial in health care (prevention of illnesses) and sick care (managing illness or curing disease). Some of the features of last Thursday were chickweed and Chlorella.

This week, the African Bush Mango leads the way.

African Bush Mango

My friends who are sons and daughters of Ibadan, the South-Western Nigerian city said to be African’s second largest in the 1960s and 1970s, do not know what they have on their hands. For the African Bush Mango was the staple supper of their forebears. And that’s why they are called Ibadan omo a j’oro sun”.

Have I let a cat out of the bag? Surely, I have. Omo a j’oro sun means one who eats oro before bed at night, as a meal or night cap snack. And oro is the Yoruba name for the African Bush Mango. It is the seed of this fruit which gives us our draw soup, which the Yoruba call apon (d: d) and the Igbos Ogbono (d:d:d:). Welcome to a medicinal world of this fruit and uses of its seed fradiant health.

Researchers say the African Bush mango, also called the African Wild Mango, helps to lower blood sugar, reduce weight, lower blood cholesterol, prevent constipation, clear micro-organisms in the intestinal tract, among other health benefits.

The African Mango grows lustfully in West Africa. An American doctor I believe is Dr. Al Sears travelled to the Cameroun to observe, the effects of African Bush Mango on the health of a group of communities where the African Bush Mango is a culinary staple. He found that they hardly grew fat and hardly fell ill. He took the African Bush Mango back to the United States and formulated it into a health product, which he gave to some obese staff in his clinic abdominal bulges disappeared soon after. Next, he gave free samples to some of his patients and observed similar results. This encouraged him to package a product and sell it in the American market.

According to a publication of Nature’s Gift for Life, a natural medicine marketing company, the African Bush Mango stimulates the production of leptin, a hormone which supports the burning of fat. Besides, leptin helps to suppress appetite. By not eating  much, and by having high leptin blood levels, one is saved the possibility of eating too much, thereby accumulating too much sugar and too much fat which, burning too slowly, leads to weight gains and obesity.  Besides, the African Bush Mango delays emptying time of the stomach. This prevents blood sugar spikes which may cause food cravings, elevated blood sugar and, ultimately, diabetes.

Nature’s Gift for Life reports  some clinical studies which encourage the consumption of African Bush Mango for its stated health benefits.

It says:

“There was a clinical study done back in 2005 that tested the effectiveness of African Bush Mango on weight loss. There was a total of 40 participants, 28 of the participants took 300mg of African bush Mango extract for one month while the other 12 were given a placebo. The results of the study were that the people who took the extract were able to lose about five percent of their body weight. The subjects who were given a placebo only lost one percent of their body weight.

“Recently, there was another study done. Half of the participants were given African bush Mango extracts while the other half was given a placebo. The results of the study were that the participants who took the extracts were able to lose seven pounds in just a month. The results this study can be found in the Journal for American Health and Disease.

Further research also seems to suggest that African Bush Mango is most effective when combined with cissus quadrangularis. In a study of the anti-cholesterol properties of African Bush Mango, it was found to lower blood levels of High Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol which may cause coronary heart disease, hypertension and even strokes. There is an increasing wave of these diseases in Nigeria today because of poor diet, negative lifestyles and stress of all sorts. While reducing LDL blood levels, African Bush Mango has been shown to simultaneously increase blood levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol, which helps to clean out the arteries. African Bush Mango has a high soluble fiber content which some researchers say is what actually lowers blood cholesterol content.

In a 2009 study, one group of volunteers was given 150mg of African Bush Mango extract. The other group was given a placebo. Bad cholesterol and blood pressure decreased in the group given African Bush mango while the placebo group recorded no significant decrease. Herbalist use the leaves, bark, fruit, kernel (ogbono) and roots of the African bush mango tree for various ailments.

Sheila Smith, writing on African Bush mango seed extract, which in 2011 was one of the most popular over-the-counter food supplements in the United Kingdom for weight loss says: “The Bush Mango seed extract used for weight loss is rich in proteins, fiber and antioxidants. Bush Mango extract contributes to weight loss in four major areas. It raises the level of adiponectin in the blood, which improves the action of insulin in the body. Secondly, it reduces the level of glycrol-3 sulphate phosphate, which is responsible for high triglyceride level. Your body stores some glycerides as fat while other excess triglycerides thicken the blood, which can lead to clotting, blockage and possibly heart attack and stroke. Thirdly, Bush Mango extract reduces the blood Concentration of Reactive-C Protein. The result of this action s increased leptin entry into the brain which improves the signaling you when you are full and you should stop eating. And, lastly, it inhibits the amylase responsible for converting starch to sugar. By stopping this conversion, starch is extracted instead of contributing to the body’s fat sties after turning to sugar”.

A prophet has no value in his land, it is said. So is the African Bush Mango in Nigeria. If, as researchers are telling us, it prevents hypertension, diabetes, strokes, high blood, high cholesterol levels, it reduces weight, resolves constipation, is anti-pain, kills intestinal germs and is an antioxidant, that is can prevent disease and prolong life, why do we not make it a national staple soup and spend less on medications? We are poverty – stricken in Nigeria because we live in the midst of God-endowed wealth but we cannot see this wealth. Other countries which have studied African Bush Mango and found it can resolve many health challenges have begun to cultivate this tree in plantations. Now they are making lots of money selling extracts of the seed to the rest f the world, including West Africa, particularly Nigeria and the Cameroun, where the African Bush Mango grows naturally and luxuriantly. And, now, ladies and gentlemen, you can get African Bush Mango extracts to buy in Lagos in either capsule or liquid form. Nkem bredan Nkem, over to you.

ow would you feel eating earth? Well, I’ve been eating it every day for some time now. And, recently, my wife joined me. She has learned not to take it with water. For this increases her bowel motion and she does not like using public toilets because many of them are sub-standard. Now, she’d rather sprinkle it on food. When I wish to double my stool bulk in the morning, I take popcorn snack before the bed the previous evening or night and cap it up with half a teaspoonful of Diatomaceous in a 75cl bottle of water. The following morning, I get up from the water closet seat feeling the relief of a woman who has just had a baby! Don’t ask me how, as a man, I know how women feel after being delivered of a baby. A woman I give Diatomaceous and asked to take popcorn before taking it with water told me this was how she felt

Also, called D.E. Diatomite, this is the edible form of earth. It occurs naturally as a “soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into fine white to off-white powder”.  It is 96 percent silica which, I believe, makes it first choice remedy beyond, say, horsetail, where a high silica remedy is required for therapy. As you may have known, silica is important for digestion, good nail, skin and hair and helps to form strong connective tissue without which the body would be formless and collapse. There are two basic types of Diatomaceous. The first is called food grade edible earth. The other is used as an insecticide. On no account should this be consumed by humans.

Diatomaceous Earth comprises fossilized remains of diatoms. Diatoms are hard-shelled algae. It has been used until now as an abrasive in cleaning products, including toothpaste. After cleaning the teeth with your choice toothpaste, you may put a quarter teaspoonful of Diatomaceous in your mouth and, with the index finger, run it over your teeth and gums many times before rinsing it out. You should have a cleaner, fresher mouth and whiter teeth. It is also used to re-unforce in plastics and rubber, liquid absorbents, anti-black in plastic films activator in blood clotting studies, and a thermal insulator and a component of dynamite, according to some authorities.

Diatomaceous earth has many medical or health uses just coming to light in Nigeria. Because it has a negative charge, it is said to attach to and remove from the body things like chemicals, viruses bacteria, heavy metals and even radiation. Even during pregnancy and nursing, food grade diatomaceous is considered safe. So Versalible is Diatomaceous that some people use it to 91) destroy bed bugs (2) heal toenail fungi (3) deworm pets (4) eliminate fleas (5) overcome food intolerance (6) promote hair growth (7) reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Many people use food grade Diatomaceous for detoxification. Because it can cause lots of toxins to be released into the bloodstream, they say it is better to start with one quarter or a half teaspoonful in a glass of water on empty stomach once a day, and then gradually work up to one teaspoonful or one table tea spoonful a day.

Dr. Darbara Hendel says that it was established in 1940 that life could not exist without silica and water. Silica plays an important role in many functions of the body, especially the Obsorbtion of Calcium and other minerals absorption of calcium and other minerals.

Dr. Hendel says “silica is the most important trace element in human health”. The average human body is said to hold about seven grammes of silica, many people are thought to be silica deficient. For example, silica is said to be crucial for calcium absorption. A deficiency would, therefore, cause calcium deposition in soft tissue and joints leading, for example, to frozen shoulders, arthritis and hardened blood vessels. Thus, many people who are calcium deficient and take calcium supplements while being silica deficient run the risk of their calcium supplementation acting negatively in their bodies.

Other reported benefits of silica and Diatomaceous include normalisation of blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis weight loss, cosmetics, hair, nail, teeth and gums, energy, bacteria, mucus, anti-aging, urinary infections and headache.” Many researchers believe that a transmutation process converts silica to calcium when calcium is deficient. This should be good news for women who suffer from oesteoporosis.

Diatomaceous benefits are so many, according to researchers. I’d only like to add detoxification, briefly, to the ones already listed. According to Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., CCNJ and Galen D. Knight, Ph.D., in their article, mad at a hatter:

“There is no better product to detoxify heavy metals and radiation from your body than with food grade Diatomaceous Health.

Generally, silica has been reported to stop coughs, upper respiratory system infections, Lung problems, inflammation, urinary and kidney infections improve urine excretion by about 30 percent, eases lower back pain in the elderly, helps female discharges, abscesses, ulcers in the genental area, Servis and mastatis, especially in breast-feeding mothers, mouth odours, regulates blood pressure and high blood pressure, decrease vertigo headache, earache, insomnia. As for diabetes, it is said to promote pancreatic secretions which help glucose combustion. I can personally confirm this. There was a time by random blood sugar hit 136. The following day, I challenged my blood sugar mechanism with the same breakfast which shot up my random and took Diatomaceous over it. To my surprise, the random that day was 100md/gl. There is a lot more Diatomaceous is reported to do which time and space do not permit. So, what else can I say than to say…. Welcome to the world of people who use Diatomaceous or food grade Edible Earth to maintain their health.