I am all apologies for suspending what, today, would have been the third and concluding part of the series on CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, FIBROMAlYALGIA & CO.

Early last Saturday morning, I received a phone call that a member of my chat group passed away. She was about 30, had gone through surgery to free her intestine of cancer, and had just returned to the teaching hospital for chemotherapy. She had complained of pain in the leg bone, suggesting bone marrow issues. Soon after her leg began to swell, suggesting lymphatic system blockage or failure. Soon after, she became unconscious, and then passed away. Her parents are brave people. The father’s voice had no crack or muffles in it when he broke the news to me. Her mother, who was always beside her, has shown how she cherishes their relationship while it lasted by featuring her beautiful daughter’s photographs in her own WhatsApp picture frame.

I was still feeling heavy on Monday morning when someone knocked on my gate. Udeme Edet James still grieving because she, too, new this family, was typing the second article in this column. She went out to answer the knock. She returned with Mr Simeon Ekor an acquaintance l once mention this column whose foot cancer spread, and led to the amputation of his right leg from just before the knee. A courageous man, he was still moving all over Lagos, catching buses and bikes for his business hustles. He was around my house, and decided to pay me a visit. As i unburdened my heart to him, the father of this young woman who had just departed, called me. Mr Ekor said he wished we had met earlier. If we had, he would have suggested to the family how he was trying to get by without chemotherapy.

He was getting by with a brand of ALKALINE WATER which a widow said finally cleared her breast cancer which disappeared for eight years after chemotherapy before it struck again. I spoke to the woman. She said chemotherapy cost her about 2 million naira. She may have been shielded from the gruesome side effects by a group of nutritional food supplements which she said a doctor’s wife gave her. The doctor’s wife has a large and kind heart. We have been acquainted since the 1970s from which time I had known her to help people in distress. When the cancer struck again, eight years after, this woman said she had no money, went on her knees and said a serious prayer for help to her Maker. She would afterwards sense an inner directive to drink water. She washed all the water kegs in her home and filled them up. But this was not the water she was to drink. She would be led later in Abuja to discover a company which sold(and still sells) a machine for making alkaline water. Drinking this water of 11. 5 pH cleared the cancer, she says, as all tested to by two exhaustive tests at the National cancer Center, Abuja.

Mr Ekor goes everywhere with this water and takes a TORT (Ogokoro glass) of it every hour. PH is the measure of acidity and alkalinity on 0- 14 scale. Readings from 0 to 6.9 are acidic, and is not good for the body. Readings from 7 .1 to 14. are alkaline. The body is well balanced and free of ailments, it is said, at 7.0 is neutral. Mr Ekor goes about with a PH tester. We checked EVA brand of bottled water. It was 7.0, neutral. We checked the water from the untreated bore hole in my house. It was 6.0, acidic and dangerous for human consumption. We checked a sachet of SHALLY WATER brand of pure water, produced in Oko Oba, Agege, Lagos. As most pure water brands are acidic, even to taste, I expected a pH in the 5 plus range. I was wrong. It was 7.0 pH like EVA water. Normally, I alkalize it before consumption with Himalaya sea salt or coral calcium or some other alkaline mineral salt.
Mr Ekor ( Tel. 08165016360, with his permission) and I are not done yet. A man of experience, he arms himself whenever he goes. He sighted to papayas ( pawpaw) in my compound. They were all male . The only female was growing outside. He had read somewhere that male papayas had powerful anti_ cancer principles in their leaves, and picked some. Udeme said they were good for her malaria. I concluded that female papaya may have concentrated its energies on fruiting. Mr Ekor also discussed CHRIS WARK , author of CHRIS BEATS CANCER. This man had surgery to remove cancer tumour in his colon but declined chemotherapy. He had read somewhere that fruits and vegetables neutralised cancer cells. So, he began to stockpile them and eat them. His book mentions his favourites as including Garlic, spinach, Red pepper, Red onion, Broccoli, Goji berries (the star) Rutabaga. Chris Wark may be considered as having, indeed, beaten cancer, since he has experience no resurgence in the last 15 years.

I will for a long time hear and remember the voice of this young woman who left us last Saturday. Like her parents who are taking the departure in the knowledge that she has not ceased to exist with the transition, my fervent prayer for her is that she awaken to joyful life and activities in the new realm of existence in which she would find herself.
Goodbye, for now, NI.